Frequently asked questions

1 Can I Trust Bro4u Service Partner visiting my home?
2 What is the difference between Inspection & Service charge?
3 How do i make an online payment after selecting COD mode?
4 How do I check the current order status on the Bro4u App/website?
5 Do i get a final invoice against completed job?
6 How will I contact a preferred professional?
7 How do I refer the app to others to get beneficial in wallet cash?
8 What do I do in-case the vendor causes any damage to the appliance or gadget?
9 I want to get a Tatkal passport made through an agent. How can I go about it?
10 What is the procedure and timeline to get a Normal passport?
11 What are the documents required for Minor passport?
12 How do i claim Bro4u wallet cash while placing the order?
13 What are the ways in which I can make payment for the services availed?
14 How do I raise an issue for my booking?
15 How can I cancel an order?
16 How to apply a coupon?
17 How does the cash back coupon work?
18 Where can I see my past orders?
19 What are the timings to avail a service?
20 How do I reach Bro4u?
21 I am not able to apply referral coupon on website?
22 Can I book an order on behalf of my friend/others?
23 How Bro4u is different from other aggregators?
24 Do I have to reach out to other people after placing an order here? Is it guaranteed?
25 How do I partner with Bro4u to grow my business?
26 When will i get my refund?
27 I am unable to reach preferred vendor, what to do?
28 Is it safe to make an online payment?
29 How many hours in advance should I place an order?
30 I would like to reach someone from management. What is the process?
31 In which city Bro4u is currently operating?
32 What are the documents required to make Pancard?
33 I don\'t have a Birth Certificate. Can I still apply for Pancard or Passport?
34 I am not able to find Service Professionals in my area. What do I do?
35 How do I change my order timing? Or How to re-schedule my order?
36 Is there any warranty on services?
37 What should i do if my clothes are missing ?