House Cleaning Services in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Basic Cleaning: Includes mopping along with Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning which includes Sink, Mirror and Toilet Bowl

  • Deep Cleaning: Basic Cleaning + Window glasses, Cobweb removal, Dusting of Wardrobe, Photoframe, Doors, Tables, Chairs & TV. Also includes removal of Stringent Stains.

  • After Party Cleaning: Deep Cleaning + Surface Management of Wardrobe, Doors, Windows & Treatment of all Wooden Surfaces

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Customer Reviews

Swap jain

The cleaning people who came for cleaning my home used many procedures to clean, when asked they said, it's all for cleaning and making home look clean and clean from all sorts of external issues coming, they also said how to maintain the cleanliness in and around home. good experience


I wanted  a clean home, before moving in to the new place at domlur area, the person came with all the belogings and instruments required, cleaned all the corners and notches of my home, made it a House, amazing work i say, Thank you

Prakash Kulkarni

I used the service two days ago, and it still is so clean and shiny, highly recommend the service, if you are really wanting to keep your home clean, use bro4u cleaning services once

Subin Suresh

Had ordered the service for the after party cleaning, they did fabulous, my home feels like, their was no party conducted, thank you bro4u team

Dolly Sudhir

a team of 4 people came for deep cleaning purpose, they cleaned and then moved all the beds to clean the corners, they rinsed the walls, and also the bathrooms were disinfected and sterilised, the team is amazing and thanks to bro4u

Rahul mohanty

After the pest control service i wanted the home to be safe for my kids to stay in their, i had ordered basic home cleaning, and they cleaned my home, with less, chemicals and made it sterilised for my kids to be safe, amazing service i say, thanks to bro4u team