Basic Home Cleaning in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Service includes mopping of Floor along with Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

  • Also includes Sink, Mirror and Toilet Bowl Cleaning

  • Cleaning process will take approx 2-3 hours

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Customer Reviews

Shilpa K R

Fungus was everywhere in my bathroom area, placed an order at and the team of cleaning, who came, disinfected whole area, cleaned it, rinsed it completely and made it safe for us to utilise, a great experience to share 

Abdul Sabir

Good Experience, the cleaning people are quite professional, and also the people are skilled, they do what they have come for, amazing people, thank you

Rahul mohanty

After the pest control service i wanted the home to be safe for my kids to stay in their, i had ordered basic home cleaning, and they cleaned my home, with less, chemicals and made it sterilised for my kids to be safe, amazing service i say, thanks to bro4u team

Ravi Singh

excellent service, the cleaning team did a fabulous job, thank you team


Got the basic cleaning for my apartment flat ! We had bro4u team coming and their work was AMAZING ! So detail work ! I've recommended the company to a friend and they loved the service as well! Book from bro4u and you won't be disappointed!

Prakash Kulkarni

I used the service two days ago, and it still is so clean and shiny, highly recommend the service, if you are really wanting to keep your home clean, use bro4u cleaning services once