Basic Home Cleaning in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Service includes mopping of Floor along with Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

  • Also includes Sink, Mirror and Toilet Bowl Cleaning

  • Cleaning process will take approx 2-3 hours

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Customer Reviews


What a great cleaning service would use them again! bro4u is great! They did a wonderful job cleaning my house I was very pleased with the service. I highly recommend them if you need your house clean.

Shashank singh

Home cleaning is now no more a worry, finally we have bro4u cleaning services, and they visited my place last week and it is been done, by the team


I placed an order for deep cleaning as I wanted to see what "the best" they had to clean and how would my place look like, wanted them to go places I don't regularly go and grab all the hidden dust bunnies and such works the cleaning team came home, and started immediate cleaning They did THE BEST job. Very happy to have found this company! 

Swap jain

The cleaning people who came for cleaning my home used many procedures to clean, when asked they said, it's all for cleaning and making home look clean and clean from all sorts of external issues coming, they also said how to maintain the cleanliness in and around home. good experience

Shilpa K R

Fungus was everywhere in my bathroom area, placed an order at and the team of cleaning, who came, disinfected whole area, cleaned it, rinsed it completely and made it safe for us to utilise, a great experience to share 

Dolly Sudhir

a team of 4 people came for deep cleaning purpose, they cleaned and then moved all the beds to clean the corners, they rinsed the walls, and also the bathrooms were disinfected and sterilised, the team is amazing and thanks to bro4u