Kitchen Cleaning in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Service includes cobweb cleaning, highrise dusting, kitchen cabinet inside & outside slabs, furniture & appliances cleaning

  • Wash basin/sink, tiles & wall marks, floor scrubbing, fixtures cleaning & polishing

  • Cleaning process will take Approx 1-2 hours by 2 professionals

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Customer Reviews


The Cleaning team from bro4u arrived at the scheduled slot, and did the basic cleaning work, they cleaned all my rooms, dining hall, and bathrooms,corridors and all other places, i felt as if i've moved into a new place, awesome service by the team. Thank you

Abdul Sabir

Good Experience, the cleaning people are quite professional, and also the people are skilled, they do what they have come for, amazing people, thank you

Ravi Singh

excellent service, the cleaning team did a fabulous job, thank you team


What a great cleaning service would use them again! bro4u is great! They did a wonderful job cleaning my house I was very pleased with the service. I highly recommend them if you need your house clean.

Swap jain

The cleaning people who came for cleaning my home used many procedures to clean, when asked they said, it's all for cleaning and making home look clean and clean from all sorts of external issues coming, they also said how to maintain the cleanliness in and around home. good experience

Prakash Kulkarni

I used the service two days ago, and it still is so clean and shiny, highly recommend the service, if you are really wanting to keep your home clean, use bro4u cleaning services once