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  • Place a booking with our best laundry services at an affordable price. Free pickup and delivery

  • Your clothes will be picked and delivered back to you clean, fresh and neatly packed

  • We wash and iron according to your preferences. Expert fabric care with premium detergents and fabric softeners are used

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Customer Reviews


excellent quality for clothes, its hassle free, free from issues, and the clothes are taken care very well. 


Excellent providers, the fabric cloths of mine were supervised from the professionals, completely secure to ensure the quality of the work

Sreekanth B R

Best service, relatively the best service provider in Bangalore

Harsha ithal

The on-going offers for laundries, have almost made my service utilisation for utmost provision, the saree offer was very helpful, great service from the team of bro4u

Mithun Kumar Parida

I had given my 3 sets of Suits and 3 sets of sherwani's which were full dirty, the team did an excellent service, the clothes look so new now, it is always beautiful to see new clothes.

Shruti Vanjare

Qualtiy oriented service, bro4u is fabulous for providing the service, it is really a boon for us to see all my clothes cleaned