Eco Car Wash in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Eco-friendly water-less Car Wash with international standard approved chemicals

  • UV Ray vacuum cleaning(Interior Sterilization & Dusting)

  • Done by professional cleaners with protective coating on your car body

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Customer Reviews

Sanvi Bhatt

Amazing service, the car wash done, was fabulous, Highly recommended to everyone

Mithilesh Kumar

Perfection. The value here is top One. The prices are reasonable, especially for the attention to detail provided by a small army of professionals. Fast and efficient, Bro4u does it right every time.


Pretty quick and fairly affordable. Brought my SUV and got the Service. I was in and out in about 20 mins. They did a decent job.

Sandeep mehrotra

Their service was quick and affordable. I had my interior shampooed and a basic wash after a move from my recent trip.My interior looks great.Overall, I liked the service and will be using them in the future .


Great response by team, the eco car wash service was much better than water service, this gave my car a shiny and new look. amazing

Ziaul Hoque

Loved this Service !It was full service. Excellent job and service at a great price. Will definitely recommend everyone