Watertank Cleaning in Bangalore

How it Works?

  • Sump & overhead tank will be cleaned by automated & scientifically approved methods by professionals

  • Cleaning includes mechanized dewatering, sludge removal, high pressure, vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, UV radiation & surface cleaning

  • Cleaning process will take Approx 1-2 hours by 2 professionals

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Customer Reviews


Fabulous service, great platform, the cleaning was done from professionals, very professional behaviour.


The tank was filled with lots of silt in it. Very professional work, great response from bro4u.com

Punith Kumar

Awesome service, The team who came for the service from bro4u.com did fabulous work.

Abhishek Dey

On Time Excellent Service, Truly Professional Work!

Vijay Krishna

Amazing excellent, professional behaviour, the silt was solid and was making the water dirty, the professionals have done fabulous work, they've cleaned and have installed water purifiers, which will stop the silt formation, amazing network

Nishant zala

Im very happy with the service, well coordinated and punctual. Will recommend to all