Plumbing Service Price List | Rates | Cost | Packages in India

Finding the best plumber can be a tricky job and especially in times of emergency. Are you in dire need of a plumber? Hiring right plumber ensures the job gets done without any hassle. You can now hire the best plumber online and get your plumbing work done in no time. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home in search of best plumbers near you. Book plumber online at a click of a button for all kind of plumbing needs. Whether it is tap leak, leaky faucet, blocked drain or to install basin at your home, our plumber assist with your service requirement. Get to know the plumbing service price list given below.

Services Offered

  • Home Renovation Plumbing work
  • New Home Plumbing Work
  • Installation of Wash Basin/Sink
  • Repair of Bathroom fittings
  • Fix faucet/sinks
  • Fix leaky faucet/taps
  • Installation of tubs
  • Sewer pipes/ Drainage pipe
  • Fix Water heaters
  • Fix water leakage



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Hire Plumbers Online at Just 150


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Check out the Service Price below

Plumbing Service Price List (in Rs)

Type Price Range
Visiting Charges 200
Home Renovation Plumbing work 10000-50000
New Home Plumbing Work 100000-300000
Installation of Wash Basin/Sink 500-2000
Repair of Bathroom fittings 500-2000
Fix faucet/sinks 500-1500
Fix leaky faucet/taps 500-1500
Installation of tubs 2000-5000
Sewer pipes/ Drainage pipe 500-2000
Fix Water heaters 500-2000
Fix water leakage 500-2000

Service charges vary with the location. The actual charges depend on the level of work done and materials used.  Book for the best plumber in your city at Bro4u, or check out the curated plumbing service price list above.


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Hire Plumbers Online at Just 150


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Placing your request for the best plumber in your city is easy. You need to specify the requirement and select the plumber of your choice based on the location. The plumber will come to your place and help you with plumbing needs. Your search for best plumber near me ends here! Find the best plumber at Bro4u. Book now! To experience the hassle-free service.



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Hire Plumbers Online at Just 150


300.00 150.00




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