10 Myths Of Advertising That You Need To Know

From years, we have been exposed to advertisements of different products and services. In fact advertising is everywhere! But, how far it is successful in brand building and persuading the consumers to buy the products or services is a million dollar question. Being considered as one of the glamorous professions, advertising world is not an exception to myths. Here are some of the myths of advertising which are really interesting to know.


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  1. Creative Ads sell

Advertising and creativity always go hand in hand and if the ad is creative, it will sell. Need not be always. There are some factors like target segment, novelty in message, media chosen, and the need of the product which is advertised.

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    2.  Advertising works only for some businesses

Advertising is a business of communicating the product or service to the target consumers. Every business needs advertising because you really need to create a buzz. It should be right people at right time through right medium at right place.

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    3.  Advertising is needed only when business is slow

This is one myth that everyone believes to be true. Apple is doing a great business but they have not stopped advertising. There is something called brand building which is an integral part of advertising.

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    4.  Advertising is an expense to business

Of course companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising and promotion. If you take this as an expense, then you have to relook at things. Advertising is an investment because it leads to increased sales, increased reputation in the industry and plays an important role in brand building.

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    5.  Advertising and promotion sails in the same boat

One of the most heard myths and the confusion that is there from years. It’s better to know that advertising generally refers to controlled, paid messages in the media, while promotion includes paid and free marketing activities such as sales or sponsorship. Still we find people saying “it’s almost same”.

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   6.  My product is good and I don’t need advertising

Though your product is out of the world but it sells only if people know its existence in the market. Apple creates incredible products but they are not far behind in advertising and are known for some of the best advertisements so far.

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   7.  You need a celebrity for effective advertising

Yes it feels good to have popular celebrities endorsing products but how well it persuades consumers to purchase the product is something to think upon. Our charming celebrities will endorse numerous products and somewhere the customer fails to connect himself to product and he connects more with celebrity. What about brand recognition and recall value?

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  8.  Humour in advertising trivializes the message

Humour is seen in half of all TV advertising and print is not an exception. It contributes to the effectiveness of an ad. However if humour is distracted from brand communication, then it can be dangerous. And the way humour is perceived differs from one country to another country. Sarcasm is not a good option in China, humour on sexuality is a taboo in Singapore and India has some cultural barriers. But half of all ads globally make use of humour. But the way it is said is crucial.

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  9.  Advertising creates consumer needs

The need of any product comes out because of marketing research. Advertising doesn’t create needs but communicate the needs. Before the advent of e-commerce website, no one had imagined of being able to shop from home. With the time, people came to know that there was a need.

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 10.  Advertising is quintessentially English

For sure, Indian advertising is not. It’s quintessentially Hinglish (Hindi + English). What is the use of advertising if it is done in a language which does not make sense to majority of audience? Speak in a language that consumer understands.

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