The E-Ride

Finding vacuum in the system gives us findings. When we try to fix a gap, it leads us to new ideas.  It all started when internet was discovered. Who thought that data packets could send basic needs to your place? From Fashion to Food, Electronics to E-Books, E-Commerce has now become the pulse of not only our country but of the entire world.

Another ‘E’ word that is ruling currently is tagged along with E-Commerce -‘Entrepreneur’. It’s not just the idea that matters, moulding the idea into a business form and eradicating the initial crisis has become a key to success in the E-Commerce industry.


Here mentioned below are a few tips that can be adopted in a Start-up journey(E-Ride)


  1. To Begin







2.   All simple things starts complex






3.   Spread your wings with your own colours






4.   Turn on your colours






5.   Take Risk -The only time you say “I Do” with proud






6.   Loose few battles but win the War – Focus on your Forte






7.   Walk into the sunset -There will be unproductive days. Keep hope






8.   Be Upfront






9.   Manage with less fuel – Filmy hu yaar!! Kya karu






10.  Pack your bags and Ride on – Yes its ahead



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