Home Decor: 8 Beautiful Aquarium Fish for beginners

Do you have Aquarium on mind? Thinking which fish to buy? Well, nature has given us countless species and all are so beautiful that it actually becomes a task to choose one or two for an aquarium. On the other hand, not all fish are aquarium friendly as their nature of living and the habitat will not match the aquarium ambiance. To help you with this, here we are with the list of 10 beautiful Aquarium fish for beginners.


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Bloodfin Tetras

This species of fish is always on the move and are recognized by their silver body and compelling red fins. They can live up to 10 years in an Aquarium in the temperature of 64 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Aquarium looks amazing if you put Bloodfin tetras in groups as they move from one corner to another.

Bloodfin Tetras - Aquarium Fish

White Cloud Minnow

If you are living in a chilling cold temperature then this fish can accompany you. White cloud minnow can tolerate temperatures as low as 5-degree Celsius. They are strong, hardy and loves to live in a group. With an average lifespan of 5 years with a proper care, White minnows are good for the home aquariums.

White Cloud Minnow - Aquarium Fish


Danios are a perfect fish for beginners as they are popularly known as ‘first fish’. These fish are like a bachelor and can adjust and tolerate any kind of ambiance and conditions. They come with the bright horizontal stripes that look astounding when they come to kiss you around the top of the surface. Danios are small and active which absolutely demands no special maintenance.

Danios - Aquarium Fish

Black Molly

If you want to have a community fish tank with different types of fish then Black molly is a perfect choice to put among them. It is a peaceful fish that has an ability to live in water of any conditions; brackish, fresh and salt water. It can survive at a temperature of 72 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit and one thing you need to know about black molly is that they are live bearers. They tend to eat younger ones if there is no proper vegetation for babies to hide in.

Black Molly - Aquarium Fish

Betta (Fighter Fish)

If you want to have something that is fierce and hyperactive then Betta is for you. Male betta comes with striking bright long fins that look wonderful in the aquarium as they swim. They are also known as fighting fish and so you need to have only one in a tank. They are hardy, strong and can survive well on pellets and flake food.

Fighter fish - aquarium fish

Gold Fish

Goldfish is a pretty known name and you will find them in most of the home aquariums. Best choice for beginners as they come with different size and colors. They can tolerate a temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit and its presence will add more color to the aquarium. They eat a lot and so be sure to change the water once in a week.


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Gold fish - aquarium fish

Neon Tetra

Small in size but way too attractive and beautifully colored. An easy to care kind of fish that keeps on swimming and hit all corners of your aquarium giving you a spectacular sight. Better if you put them in a group. Neon Tetra is one kind of fish species that enjoy old blood that loves to be in a bigger group.

Neon Tetra - Aquarium fish


Usually most preferred fish for beginners. Guppies come in a tiny size and they look stunning in groups. If you wish to have guppies in your fish tank then it becomes important for you to know that guppies are hyperactive when it comes to breeding. So, it is advised to keep either male guppies or female guppies. Do not have both in one tank.

guppies - aquarium fish

So this was our listicle of most sought after and most loved aquarium fish for your home aquarium. It is easy to buy an aquarium and fish but maintenance is a task. Passion is good but make sure you take a proper care of the fish with a regular aquarium maintenance. If you are a beginner or if you are not getting time for your aquarium maintenance then we can help you.


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