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Air conditioner. The very thought of this appliance, and you visualize of a cool breeze around you in home or office. But there is the scorching sun outside. The air conditioner acts as a lifesaver in the hot weather. And in an unfortunate situation, if the air conditioner suffers a problem, then you will have to put up with the heat inside the home or office. In this article, we focus on common air conditioner problems and solutions.

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Why Do You Need An Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner has become an integral part of a home or office in every urban city. And the effects of pollution have caused the temperature to always remain high above the normal level. In such circumstances, it is a bit difficult to withstand the red-hot summer without the presence of an air conditioner. So, in times of the hot sun, air conditioner problems will become a nightmare for home dwellers and office personnel. In this article, we will deal with common AC problems and solutions.

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

1. Low Refrigerant

If you are a regular follower of our website, you would have known what a refrigerant is. It is the liquid which the air conditioner makes use of to remove humidity and heat from your home or office atmosphere. But hold on! There exists a challenge. If the ac is not maintained properly, and the refrigerant system has developed leaks, then the home or office becomes prone to heating problems. Yes, you can fill the refrigerant in case of low level, but the problem will exist unless the leaks are identified and covered. In such conditions, it is wise to hire the best experts in AC repair services. The reason, the process is a time-consuming job if there are many leaks in the lines.

Please note, that the air conditioner will work to its best when the refrigerant is filled as per the specification of the manufacturer. The device should also be properly installed in the home or office. Then, the air conditioner will withstand its lifetime. This situation comes across as one of the most common Air conditioner problems and solutions.

2. Leakage in Ducts

Do your family members or office personnel complain that the ac does not work? There is no cold air in the atmosphere and all? Then it may be a problem of leakage in ducts. You feel that the air conditioner appliance is not installed in the room.

Now let us come down to the reasons. Okay, you know that the ducts from the air conditioner pass through the walls and ceilings. They then distribute the cool air from your home or office. Let us imagine a case study. The period of ac installation has crossed a decade. So holes and breaks may have happened in the ducts. Either the rodents have caused the damage or the reason may be improper maintenance. So, the cold air does not get distributed in your or office. It ends up in the walls and becomes a waste. But, please note there will be a spike in your electricity bills. The situation calls for an intensive checking of wires and other repairs. The problems can get fixed only by a host of handyman professionals such as AC repair expert, Mason, an electrician. This problem occurs rarely and you cannot count it among the common air conditioner problems and solutions. 

3. Frozen Evaporator Coils

As mentioned above, the evaporator coils of the fridge are filled with the refrigerant to absorb the heat from the atmosphere. But for the refrigerant to work properly, warm air should keep circulating around the evaporator coils. If a problem occurs with the air flow, then the coils will become cold. With time, an ice layer will form on the outside of the coils. In a similar situation, there will be no cold air and the temperature of the room will become hot. You will feel that the AC has stopped working. You can check the manufacturer manual and do the cleaning process. It is a DIY job.

4. Condenser Coils

These parts are known for expelling the hot air outside the building. Let us imagine, you have not carried out the routine ac maintenance services for more than a year. Then these coils will get covered with dirt and grime layers. Usually, in urban cities, this problem is common, as there will be pollution and soot in the atmosphere. So, the heat does not get expelled to the outside atmosphere. The result, your ac has to work harder on the job. With time, the parts of the appliance will get subjected to wear and tear. The result will be a complete failure of the air conditioner. It is time you have to opt for the services of an AC repair technician

5. Problems With Fan

Two fans exist in the air conditioner and they are of prime importance. The first fan blows the air on the evaporator coil to cool the hot air. The second fan blows air on the condenser (outside unit) to remove the hot air from your home or office. If either of the two fans fails, then there will be poor air flow and other air conditioner problems. The reasons may be many – faulty motor, worn or damaged belts, lack of lubrication and more. If the problem is not looked into at the earliest, then the result will be a failure of the compressor. In a short time, the air conditioner will go out of order. If you feel that the fan has a problem, it is wise to seek the services of an AC repair pro as early as possible. It is a rare problem if you have bought an air conditioner brand model. So, this situation does not come across as the common air conditioner problems and solutions.

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6. Thermostat

Do you keep a good maintenance of the air conditioner? Yes. Then, if the appliance is still giving problems, then the reason must be the old thermostat. And you have bought the air conditioner before half a decade. It has withstood the test of time, and now you need to program it properly. Do you still have the manufacturer’s manual? Then, check the instructions once again. The settings for the thermostat have to be set right.

7. Clogged Drains

So, the hot air as well the moisture from your home or office has to be sent out. They are removed via the drain line, to the pan, and at the end to the drain. But if the drain or line becomes blocked or clogged, the water formation can cause damage to your system. This water can cause leaks in the walls, furnishing, and ceilings. The source for identification – the growth of molds. Yes, you can take the drainage hose and then do the cleaning process. But if you are to go for a routine maintenance check, it is wise to get the guidance from a reliable AC repair professional.

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AC Service at Doorstep starts at 200


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Yes, an air conditioner makes your home or office atmosphere suitable for the home members or office personnel. As the head of the family or the boss of a company, it is vital that the appliance get the ac service at regular times. It is vital to follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding AC repair services and maintenance. Keeping your air conditioner in proper condition will make the appliance last its lifetime. It will also prevent the common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Reason for AC maintenance

Let it be any appliance, air conditioner, microwave oven or fridge. They need regular maintenance to work to their full potential. As per home improvement experts, it is always necessary to retain the manufacturer’s manual at all times. It will give information on time for routine checks and maintenance services. So follow the instructions as per the manual, and the air conditioner will remain in the best working condition. You also do not have to waste time and money on the common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Despite all the precautions taken, has the AC gone on repair? Then you do not have to worry. There are an entire set of companies who provide home care services at your doorstep. For example, our bro4u online platform. You can download the Bro4u app, and then make the booking within a few minutes. But this is only for the home or office owners who need ac services at the earliest or for a routine maintenance. Our professional will come on the scheduled time to give the best service to the air conditioner appliance. To make the device remain in the best working conditions. At all times. 

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