Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms : How To Identify and Fix Them

Do you have summer around the corner? Then your family members will freak out if the AC is not working as per the requirement. And when the AC goes on repair, you assume many questions. The first two that pops on your mind is if it is an easy fix or whether it needs the services of a professional. There may be many reasons why the AC is not working, one of them being a bad capacitor. In this article on bad AC capacitor symptoms, you get to identify the problems and take the appropriate action to fix them.

How Do You Define An AC Capacitor?

It is known by the other name, run capacitor. It has a small cylindrical shape & holds the responsibility to send energy to the motor. Now, the motor is responsible for running the AC system efficiently. In short, the system gets the boost from the capacitor. For the AC to continuously keep running, you need the capacitor.

Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms

Similar to all parts in appliances, even the capacitor may get damaged. So, get to identify the symptoms and the methods to fix them.

Most common AC Capacitor Symptoms

Please note, there are some easy fixes you can do with the air conditioner to get it running again in efficient condition. For example, cleaning the air filter. But when it comes to the AC capacitor, you need to get individual attention.

1. Cold Air

This is the first clue of the many bad AC capacitor symptoms. You can switch off the appliance, give it five minutes and then activate. Now, check if the AC is working again. Or else, you will have to call an AC repair expert to fix the problem.


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Know more about AC problems and solutions.

2. Electricity Bills

It is simple to guess situation. The monthly electricity bills have gone on a steep hike. The capacitor may be the problem. So, the AC system may have to work harder for the job. The model needs more power to do its cycle efficiently. One of the easy identifiable bad AC capacitor symptoms.

3. Humming Noise

The reasons may be many. Loosened bolts and screws. But there are chances it could be related to the capacitor. The part has got damaged. Home improvement experts say that the sound may be one among the many bad AC capacitor symptoms. So, it is time to call an AC repair expert.

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4. Old HVAC

Has your AC completed more than its lifetime? Then the capacitor may have worn out. If your AC is going through several stops and turning on, then it is time for replacement of the capacitor. This is one of the bad AC capacitor symptoms you have to take notice and act immediately.

5. AC Doesn’t Turn On Immediately Or Never Turns On

If your AC does not turn on after you put the switch, it could be one of the bad AC capacitor symptoms. Or the other symptom is the appliance never gets switched on.

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So, the above mentioned are some of the bad AC capacitor symptoms you need to take notice and opt for immediate action. A capacitor is also one of the important parts of an air conditioner. In case, you need an AC repair technician, download our bro4u app and book the best in your town. You can get info on many AC repair technician profiles, choose the best as per your requirement, schedule the time for repair and fix the problem with ease.

Do you want to gain more information on the other problems with the AC? For example, the ac is blowing hot air instead of cool air. Keep visiting our blog for more updates on problems and solutions regarding every home appliance.

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