Air Conditioner Types You Need To Know Before Purchase

Have you bought a new office or a new home? Then you are searching for the best air conditioner to beat the heat in summer. Yes, the brands you find on the internet can lead you to a state of confusion. It is very difficult to choose a model, because every brand has the best features. So, in this article, we focus on only air conditioner types. Armed with the knowledge gained from this article, you can buy the best air conditioner as per the need. We have also given you tips to search for the best air conditioner maintenance technician with ease.
There are many types of air conditioner systems. Let us look into the models one by one.
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Air Conditioner Types

1. Central Air Conditioning System

You can find this system in all places. It is the most preferred model for big homes and offices because of its efficient cooling nature. The air in this model gets circulated via supply and return ducts. They get installed next to the wall and carry cool air to all parts of the home. You need a experienced air conditioner technician to install this model. The procedure needs lots of planning and preparation. Please note, if you install the wrong size of system, you will receive little cool air. But the costs will be high. Do not forget the fact this system is the most expensive in the entire list.

2. Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

You can easily find these systems in offices and large houses. The reason, you can opt for different temperatures from a single AC. This type has a indoor handling unit or outdoor compressor/condenser.
Every zone or room does have a own thermostat, and you can adjust the heat in every room as per the need. Now, do you guess the advantages involved? If a certain part of the house or office needs cooling, then this type is favorable. Usually, in offices, it is used in buildings where a comprehensive duct system is not installed.
So, do you think these type of units come without a price? The main reason, it is more expensive. In fact, they cost more than the central air conditioner.
But, this type of ac gets managed by different persons. So it is mandatory to ask for air conditioner maintenance every six months. You can get a technician easily with the help of home maintenance repair companies.

3. Window Air Conditioner

As the title suggests, this can cool only one room. The other name – unitary unit. They can emit the warm air out of the room by the exhaust system. The refrigerant coolant, instead, blows cold air. In fact, it is best for houses, which have a work from home member. They can install this type in the room. But, the type does not jell well for large houses. Because the cool atmosphere cannot suck out hot air from a large area.


Unlike the other two types mentioned above, window air conditioner has some disadvantages. This type can block the air and stop the amount of light to the room. If you live in theft prone area, these models can get easily stolen by burglars if you install them near the floor.

4. Portable Air Conditioner

The legacy in the window air conditioner type. But it has a different working principle. Unlike the window air conditioner, this model sucks in the air from the room and cools it. Then the same air gets diverted inside the room. If there is hot air trapped, then it goes out by an exhaust hose in the same window.
This type of ac gives lots of benefits to the home/office owner. It can cool one room. Have you seen a factory with the only the manager sitting in a room, air-conditioned? The reason the home owners or office guys preferred only this type. The model contains a condenser coil inside the unit. They also found it impossible to install the window air conditioner. You can also use this model around rooms.


Before installation of the unit, please consult the air conditioner repair technician. The reason, this model does not suit rooms that have more space than 500 square feet.
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5. Hybrid Air Conditioner

The name says it all. Hybrid. In other words, a word that is in tandem with Mother Nature. It does not depend on fossil resources nor use electricity to run. You do not have to worry about the rising petrol prices.
In the summer, the heat pump works in the most old way. It pulls away the heat from your home and sends it outside. Come winter, and the same appliance works exactly the opposite. It pulls the heat from the environment outside your home and distributes it inside. So, the heat gets automatically transferred from a hot object to cold.

6. Geothermal Heating & Cooling

It is a new technology becoming popular for its energy efficiency. It has become popular all over the globe. If asked a question, about the best insulator in the globe, then you have Mother Earth. The ground beneath your feet always stays at a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The geothermal technology makes use of this method to provide the heating and cooling atmosphere to the home. In fact, this method is more effective than its counterparts.
But electricity gets used in higher amounts. You can see this type of cooling mainly in Europe, Sweden and Switzerland. This model is a tad different from the air conditioner types found in India.

7. Through-the-wall Air Conditioners

The model works like other appliances. The through-the-wall air conditioners sucks the air, makes it lose heat and send the cool air back. Like portable air conditioners and window units, you can call them unitary systems.
Do you have a office with less windows? Then opt for these models. Yet, prepare for the challenges, as once mounted, it becomes difficult to remove them. In this model, you do not lose the window space. You can mount it on any corner of the wall. The Through-the-wall air conditioners are different from the other air conditioner types in this aspect.

8. Package Terminal Air Conditioners

Package Terminal Air conditioners (PTACs), you can see in hospitals, hotels and apartments. You can see them in several lodges and hotels below the window. The exhaust system sends warm air from the building. Very rare, you can see them in home, except for large mansions. The appliances remain ductless and cost less in expense in comparison to central air systems.

9. Evaporative Coolers

The other name is swamp coolers. Their working efficiency is good. But they stand different in their component. The other air conditioners use Freon, where as swamp coolers make use of only water and air. This model is different from the other air conditioner types of models.
When hot air passes over coolant pipes, it gets cold. This is the concept of evaporative coolers. Does it have limitations? Yes, you can use this model only in hot dry climates. It is unwise to use this model in humidity places.
These model do not use chemicals such as Freon nor emit carbon-di-oxide. Both are detrimental to human health.
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We have come to the last part. Hope you have understood the major air conditioner types. Like, in all appliances, you need to take care of the AC as per the instructions of the manufacturer. And being a responsible person, you do the job sincerely. You experience no cost till the warranty period. But how will you search for the new technician if you have recently shifted house to a new city? A cumbersome process, it is, to search for referrals or in established listing website. So, opt the easy method out. Search for the best home services companies, and place a request for relevant task. The concerned professional will come to your house on the scheduled time, and fix the problem.
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