How To Get Rid Of Rats In House Fast?

Rats are a intelligent group of rodents. They do not trust new items in the environment. It is a tedious challenge to subdue them with rat control items such as bait and traps. They can easily make their colonies in burrows, attics, and even places which are hard to reach by a human. In this article, you gain information about how to get rid of rats in house fast.

So What Do You Do?

The first task is not to put off calling the pro as you see a rat. Please note, that there may be other numbers lurking in the shadows. The experts specializing in pest control services may use baits, traps or mechanical devices to remove or kill rats.

Why Is It Necessary To Prevent Rat Infestations?

The reason – the rats multiply quickly, and a small group can grow to large populations. Then the control methods become very expensive.

They are one among the dirtiest pests and can cause diseases. The rats live in burrows, shelters where dirt is abundant. Their body can be home to many dangerous bacteria and viruses. Yes, the disease causing organisms have become resistant to modern medicine.

Rats are responsible for millions of human deaths because they spread diseases.


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Nest of the rats

They live beneath the wood piles or lumber. They can also live in burrows near bushes, vines. Favourable places –  garage dark places and basements areas. Their infested areas have scant human activity. There are also chances you may have to re-modify the home. Are you in search of civil contractors in Bangalore or any other city? Then you can easily book a service via bro4u.


How About Rat Poison – The Best DIY Method?

Yes, rat poison is available over the counter. But as per experts, it can never solve the rat problem. The death comes slow for the rats. Also, not every rat that eats the poisoned food dies in an instant. It will wander off and die in a place seldom visited by the humans such as the hole in the attic. Within days, you will get a stink from the area.

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What about other DIY methods to get rid of rats in your house fast?

Traps – The rats have troubled your family. Now it is your turn. In the form of traps. Many house owners swear by the snap trap and it is lethal. You have to place the trap in the location where rats usually move around. You need to keep the trap exactly in the same place, and it is not just one trap because several is required to stem the population.


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Glue Traps

The very thought of tiny rats getting stuck and losing their life in a slow manner can give the faint hearted the jitters. However, not all rats get caught. Some large rats can pull themselves out even though they face a loss of skin and blood. But if a tiny rat gets stuck, it dies a painful death.

Usually, the adhesive will stand true just for two to three rats. You have to use the trap, or the adhesive will wear out.

Cage Traps

They are the oldest type of traps used to capture rats. Usually, persons who do not want to kill the rats prefer this method. The sensitive pad closes the door and the rat gets caught in the trap. It may catch one rat at a time, and you can release the pest far from the house. Yes, the trap should not contain gaps and a strong trap door. But one disadvantage – the rats may come back.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In House Fast

1. Natural Remedies

The old method works. A cat is a natural enemy for the rat. To be honest, rats do not litter near the places or houses that have cats.

Ammonia – the pungent smell can kill the rats. So sprinkle ammonia in the rat holes.

Pepper – the rats have breathing problems near pepper grains. History tells, that pepper can inflate the lungs of the rat which leads to their death.

Want the rats to run away from your home? Cut onion and place near the infested areas.

Playing music in high volume can detest rats from entering the home.


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Electrocution – The metal cage has a live wire which kills the rat by electricity.

Peppermint – The characteristic peppermint smell makes the rats stay away. So, the idea is to take cotton balls, dip them in peppermint oil and place the buds near the holes. The rats will get killed.

What Do Rats Eat?

Any food resource, that the rat can lay its hands on, such as garbage food which include spoilt recipes. Yes, they can gnaw on plastic bags and litter the thrown away food.

Pet food (dogs) and bird food. They can also feed on bird seeds.

They can happily munch on fruits and berries which have fallen off the ground.

You may like garden compost, but do not put meat pieces or fish in the compost. They are likely to be dug up and relished by the rats.

Inside the Home

Any spilled food or left-over crumbs on counters, tables and floors.

Vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Food not kept in sealed containers.


Unconventional Ways On How To Get Rid Of Rats Fast

1. Boric Acid

Wear disposable gloves. You can take one cup of boric acid, add chocolate powder and chicken broth slowly. Now stir the mixture and let it become a thick paste. The broth will make the rats come to taste the paste. Then they will die because of boric acid. You can place the paste near the places of rat infestation.

2. Killing Rats With Baking Soda

Take one cup of cornmeal, one cup of sugar, one cup of chocolate powder and mix with one cup of baking soda. Blend the mixture to a find paste. The chocolate or sugar will attract the rats. After consumption, the baking soda will kill them.

3. How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Rats?

Yes, the exterminators can eradicate the rats from your home. But you need to answer his questions. It will save time. First, identify the infestation place in your home. Ensure to cover all the entry points to your home with iron mesh and cement. Food sources such as vegetables and fruits, you have to keep covered in proper containers. Other food sources, you have the glass containers. The trash cans should be empty. The kitchen floor and sinks should be  clean. Do not forget to check the small gaps for the vents between the electronic appliances. Example – air conditioners.


The extermination methods vary in various types such as traps and baits. Yes, you have the snap traps but they can become dangerous for pets. You need to keep the glue traps in proper places. Improper placement of pets can affect people and pets.



Yes, rats are a problem, and the worst pests. The major disadvantage of having a rat in your home is transmission of diseases. They can become the carriers to disease carrying parasites such as ticks and fleas. Either a  home or office, the basic prevention steps are essential. That includes making adjustments in the home, or putting up a landscape in the garden. So, you need to hire the services of professional mason workers in urban cities. It is very easy, check if you have a company like Bro4u in your city. You need to download their app, search the relevant service and place a request. The concerned company executive will come to your home for inspection. With every entry point blocked, the rats, even though in large numbers, will have to shift their house elsewhere.


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