Types of House Fly Found In Every Indian Home

There are some organisms which every household member detest. For example, red ants, cockroaches, house flies and lizards. Especially in India. It is the housewives who get the blame or the pointed finger when a visitor spots a house fly or cockroach in the home. Ignore them and you compromise your family’s hygiene and health. Interested? Then read the following passages about the types of house fly found in regular Indian homes. Yes, for large scale infestations, you need to seek the services of a pest control professional. Do you stay in Hyderabad? Then you can easily seek the services of reputed companies offering top quality services in Hyderabad pest control. Get the best and eliminate the unworthy pests from your home.

A house fly can spread diseases to your family members. The adults will have immunity. But if the children in the house get affected, then with great difficulty, you have to apply for leave in the office. In case of an house fly infestation, you need to know the fly name and species. You need the information to take the necessary prevention measures. So, for your information, will we go into details of types of house fly found in India?


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1. House fly (Musca domestica)

Most common types of house fly in a Indian household. They are more popular as carriers of diseases. House flies can survive in any environment to grow to large numbers. The Indian house fly can savor any food ranging from humans to pets to animals to rotten food and even faeces. This habit makes them the deadliest pests on earth compared to mosquitoes.


types of house fly

House Fly Life Cycle

The growth of the house flies from egg to adult has less duration. Usually, breeding happens on decayed vegetable matter. For example, dustbins.

The female house fly lays more than 120 eggs in one batch. They can hatch in the duration of eight to 72 hours. The hatched out larvae takes a duration of three to sixty days to become a pupae. And the next stage of an adult takes three to 28 days.

In your house, the house fly rests on ceilings, floors and walls. In the exterior part of the home, they rest on fences, rubbish bins, compost heaps and on plants. They can feed at any time of the day, In the night, they take care to position themselves near food resources.

Prevention Measures

In order to get rid of house fly naturally, you need to clean the house of dirt, dust and unused items. It is easy to avail of the best floor cleaning services in Hyderabad via Bro4u. You can download the app, and book the service as per your convenience.

2. Bluebottle fly (Calliphora vomitoria)

This house fly has another name, Blow fly. Usually you can see it hovering on dustbins. They feed on pet faeces and dead animals. Their name evokes fear because their bodies harbour disease causing organisms. They take a very small duration of seven to twelve days to become mature adults. During the time of breeding, they feed on animal products such as meat and dead carcasses.

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3. Fruit fly (Drosophila species)

As the name suggests, the favorite food of fruit fly is fruits and fermenting residue places. Even this winged creature find mention among the common types of house fly in India. They are also found in fruit orchards, vegetable gardens and breweries.

fruit fly

Fruit fly life cycle

They survive on rotten fruits, unclean dishes and drains. They can develop to an adult in seven to thirty days. Usually the fruit fly lifespan comes to two to nine weeks. They can complete their entire development to an adult in less than one week. But the conditions have to be favorable.

Prevention Measures

Do you tend to keep fruits outside because, the refrigerator is under repair? Is this the prime reason, the fruits and vegetables containing sweet content get spoilt? Then it is advisable to get the electronic appliance repaired as soon as possible. And if you stay in a urban city such as Hyderabad, it is damn easy. You need to download the app of the best doorstep repair company in your city. The company should have able handyman professionals for refrigerator repair. Schedule the service as per your convenience and the fruit fly problem gets solved.


4. Drain fly (Psychodidae)

The title indicates their survival patterns. Their other names are sewage fly, moth fly and drain fly. They usually lay eggs on sewage and drainage beds. Their larvae feed on drainage.

fruit fly

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Drain Fly Life Span

The eggs hatch in the one to six days. The mature process of the larvae is ten to fifty days. And pupae, takes one to three days to mature to an adult.


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5. Flesh fly (Family – Sarcophagidae)

Flesh Fly life cycle has a duration of two to four weeks. The live larvae gets deposited on rotten fish, meat or even animal faeces. The entire environment of growth happens in decaying matter. But yes, they can also feed on animal and human foods. These points make the flesh fly a dangerous threat to human health.


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Conclusion – Do You Need Help From These Types of House Fly?

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