How To Keep The Washing Machine Odor Free

A washing machine is a god-sent appliance on the weekends. It cleans up the pile of clothes that are scheduled for washing and cleaning purposes in less time. Without this appliance, a housewife will have to spend more than half a day cleaning the laundry. But yes, regular maintenance is mandatory even for this appliance. Or else, it cannot work efficiently due to simple and complex technical problems. In this article, we focus on how to keep the washing machine odor free on all occasions.


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1. Washing Machine Air

Do you want to get tips on how to keep the washing machine odor free? Then try this simple tip. For preventing odors, remove the wet clothes in minutes after the load is complete. Do not forget to leave open the door, so that the interior gets dry.


2. Bleaching

Do you want to get the best tip on how to keep the washing machine odor free? Then do not load the clothes. Run an empty cycle with two cups of chlorine bleach and hot water. If you do this activity once a month, the hot and chlorine water kills not only the germs but also prevents the buildup of detergents in the dispenser and washer. Now, let the washing machine get a complete rinse for cleaning purposes. You have to repeat the cycle every now and then for the bleach.


3. Natural Cleaning

Do you want to use natural ingredients? Then make use of white vinegar and baking soda. It will complete the trick. The vinegar does its part in removing the soap residue. In the case of baking soda, the odors get cleaned.


For a Top Loader Washing Machine

  • You can start the empty load cycle with four cups of white vinegar and hot water.
  • Now, let the washer run for a few minutes. Then, you can add half a cup of baking soda.
  • Turn on the switch once again. It will make the baking soda mix well in the load. Now let the load run for a few minutes. Give it a time duration of thirty minutes. Now, resume the cycle. Let it get completed.
  • The next step, you can run the second cycle by using hot water to clean the residue left over by the hot water.


For a Front Loader

  • Add two cups of vinegar and hot water to the detergent dispenser.
  • Give it five minutes. Now, add half cup baking soda to the drums.


Now follow the same procedure as the top loader. Run the cycle for a few minutes. After some time, when you feel that the residue has been removed, keep the door open.



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4. Nooks and Corners

You can also clean with toothbrush places around the door or lid. If there is grime, then use the toothbrush or else make use of soft water. Yes, hot water soaked soft cloth will easily clean the dirt around the dispensers. Now, it is easy to clean the mildew and mold from gaskets around the door.

If you find white stains on the washing machine, then they are signs of hard water deposits. They can lead to mildew and molds. You can wash off the stains with hot water.


5. Trap Section

Do you have a front loader with a pump and trap area? Then there are chances that lint can get stuck in the trap area. Now the smell can occur. Look for instructions on how to clean it from the manufacturer’s manual.


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Have you read the article on how to keep the washing machine odor free? You can solve this problem with the DIY method. But if you schedule for regular maintenance from a washing machine repair expert, then these problems do not occur. If you are in need of a washing machine repair pro, you can hire one with ease by our bro4u app. Ensure you give the best service to the washing machine to get the best laundry service by hiring our qualified and verified professionals.

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