How To Reduce Lint From Clothes During The Washing Cycle

What is the worst you can have after putting your clothes in the washing machine? You get lint on washed clothes. Either dark lint on your white shirt or the white lint on your dark sweater – both are worse. Lint is a negative factor in the washing process. In this article, we focus on how to reduce lint from clothes in the washing machine.

Sort Out Your Clothes To Prevent Lint

This is the first step on how to reduce lint from clothes. Sorting out. Please note that some fabrics can be lint shedders. Few, you can classify as lint attractors. So, both these types, you should never wash together. And yes, the color also matters. Now, let us look into those fabrics.

Lint Shedder Clothes

  • Rugs
  • Terry cloth towels, shirts, and robes
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Chenille bedspreads

Lint Attractors

  • Knit items
  • Linens, linen clothes
  • Plush fabrics

How to Reduce Lint From Clothes

Do you have a garment which already has lint? Or pet hair, perhaps? Then use the washing machine with the Air Only cycle with the dryer sheet. You have to mandatorily do this activity before the wash. But ensure that the lint filter of the washing machine is clean.

Do you feat lint deposition on the garments? Then wash them inside out. The lint will get removed. Also, when you put the clothes to the washing machine, be careful of overload. The water should move within the fabrics. Then the lint can be removed. In case of overcrowding, there is a chance of lint getting redeposited. The best way will be to add a fabric softener to the last round of rinse. The fibers will get relaxed and the lint will get washed away.

Old Washing Machine Models: How To Reduce Lint From Clothes

Do you have an old model washing machine? Then they have to get cleaning regularly as per the instructions of the manufacturer. You can find the lint filter on the tub’s upper rim or on the side. In recent models, you have the self-cleaning lint filters. If you do not make use of a sufficient quantity of water, then lint and dirt can get trapped in the lint filter. So, it is necessary to run the cleaning cycle every month or after a heavy load in a week. The lint will get removed manually.

Ensure to keep the vents and dryer vent system clean to remove the unwanted items. Yes, it will also prevent fire hazards.

Another Sign

Do you find deposition of lint in the washing process? Then it is a sign that the water pump filter is blocked. In a similar situation, the wash water with dirt will drain in a very slow manner. You can get deposits of lint on wet clothes.

Do You Want To Clean The Pump Filter?

For the process, check the manufacturer’s manual. You can easily gain access to the pump filter. During cleaning, you may come across buttons, lint in the drain duct. Ensure that the pump filter remains clean.

Kindly check if the washing machine is connected to the septic system in your home. So, the water gets drained out of the washing machine to the tank.


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We have given simple tips on how to reduce lint from clothes during the cycle. Yes, there are many methods, but we have chosen only a few. If you feel we can add more content, then stay tuned and keep visiting our website for the recent updates. If you want to get more information on washing machine maintenance and tips to extend the lifespan of your washing machine, keep visiting our blog for more updates. 

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