Hottest Free Interior Designer Tips To Decorate The Empty Spaces In Your Home

Every home, bungalow, mansion and even palaces have it. You name a modest house to the Buckingham Palace. Yes, they have it. We are talking about the free spaces in every room. They seldom serve any purpose, except let us move around. A large space in the living room, well, it is a sore to the eyes. Do you need examples? Well, here they are. Do you have a small corner beneath the stairs? Yes, the rack over the kitchen cabinets. The end of the wall which connects to a new room. In this article, we give you the hottest free interior designer tips to decorate the empty spaces in your home.
Remember, the period when you stepped to teenage. You did not have experience of the world. Sometimes, you followed what the family elders and college seniors told you. Likewise, you also do not know what to do with the empty spaces in your home. If you are a energetic person and want to keep every part of the home occupied, then the spaces can become a sore place. But, yes, in this article, we give you the interior designer tips to make the empty spaces get a new look.
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Hottest Free Interior Designer Tips To Decorate The Empty Spaces In Your Home

1. Empty Corners

Do you have a bare corner in the living room? Design the area with your’s or a children’s art. Or else, buy a wooden shelf and arrange some books in a neat fashion to give the look of library. Or else, place a antique color painted shelf and a well cushioned sofa. Place a small table with a table lamp. The place will resemble a library. If you want to make the area look more divine, seek the services of a experienced interior decorator. The interior designer tips can give the place a entirely new look.

2. Entryways

The passage to the interior of home. It is bare and functional. You can make the best use to create a hearty welcome to the visitor or guests. Have a nice shoe rack placed outside the door. Then you can adorn some part of the walls with small glass pieces. Cover the floor with rugs and carpets. Want to give the space packed with trendy designs? Search for the best seasonal decorations in your locale. It will become a sheer source of delight to the guests.

3. Kitchen Cabinets

There are two ways to design the space above the kitchen cabinets. The first is natural. The second is your own decoration or with the guidance of a interior decorator. For the natural, you do not have to move a finger. There will be cobwebs on the sides filled with dirt and dust. The entire place will look bare. The spiders will thank you by removing other pests from the house such as ants and small cockroaches.
The second type – you have to brighten the space. As per the interior designer tips. Clear the cobwebs. Ensure that the home is only for your family members. What do you say about change of lights? You can arrange small lights in the length of the entire rack. The best will be twinkling lights.

Other Best Methods

Make suitable arrangements for the glassware and ceramic items. The third way is to have wire baskets and put your cookbooks.
Do you have space near the kitchen sink? How about having a storage unit of fine wines?
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4. Under Staircases

Usually, this place is barren. But you can still decorate it. If the space is big, then put a small table which has bookshelves. A chair next to the table will give a pleasant look. You can also use it to have a wall hanger for raincoats, jackets and shoes. This is for the stairs in the middle of the room. For the stairs near the entrance, you can put a shoe rack.

5. Sloped Ceilings

Usually, you find this type of bare space in the top part of the home. Do you have enough space to put a bed? If so, this may become the favorite spot for laziness. Does the space have enough light? Then turn it to a reading spot. Lie down on the bed as you flip around the magazine pages.
Does the sloped ceiling form part of a bedroom? You can place the bed under the ceiling. And do the same part. Decorate the space with low light required plants and create the essence of a garden.

6. Split-level Staircases

Yes, they form space of every home. And building. Even the apartments. And the entire space looks empty. Reliven the area by placing a small table with a potted plant. Or else, use the lights to improve the presence of positivity.
The best free interior designer tip is to have a wall painting at every end of the staircase. Or do you have children? Then ask them to give their drawings about nature or any other type.
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These are only few free interior designer tips to decorate your home. Yes, there are many more. Do you want to know about the other best ideas? Subscribe to our website. You can get the best details to reliven your home at affordable cost.
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