Indian Style Kitchen Design – Kitchen Renovation and Alteration Ideas

Ask a housewife, which part of the home she will like to give an alteration as per her needs? Without a doubt, she will mention the kitchen. Rightly said, the kitchen is regarded/revered as the life/heart of a home. You will rarely find a housewife who does not want a kitchen as per her dreams. So, are you one among the many who is interested in a similar fashion – that of remodeling the cooking room as per the Indian style kitchen design. Then this article is for you. In this article on a kitchen renovation and alteration ideas, we focus on various styles of Indian kitchen design and ways to do the remodeling for the best room in your home. If you follow the guidelines, you can have a kitchen which is not only functional but also pleasing to you and family members.


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Indian Style Kitchen Design – Kitchen Renovation and Alteration Ideas

1. Consider Maximum Usage of Space

What will a normal Indian housewife think about remodeling as per the Indian style kitchen design? In kitchen renovation or remodeling, the normal visualization will focus on granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and smart home appliances. Yes, there is nothing wrong with these ideas. But please note, there are also other alternatives. Instead of following your heart, kindly check how you can make the best use of space in the kitchen for getting the maximum benefit.

Teaching the Kids

Do you teach the kids while doing the cooking for the family members? Then maybe you can include a small desk and chair in the kitchen renovation design. Is your kitchen a big room? Then you can put a dining table and chair to accommodate the family members or guests. Your personal preferences are important, but please ensure they give long-term benefits.

2. Indian Style Kitchen Design – Never Neglect The Budget

When it comes to kitchen renovation or any type of remodeling, then the budget assumes an important role. Regarding kitchen renovation, you need to focus more. The reason, the kitchen is a place where every family members visit many times a day. Yes, the Indian style kitchen design renovation plan may cost thousands. So, to get the best result- follow the rule of having a must-have list and a wish list. Prioritize. Now, ensure to put the price on every kitchen renovation project. Now make the comparisons. Enlist the support of family members. They can help you decide on the best prioritization tasks.


  • Old Style to New Indian Style Kitchen Design by Remodeling

Do you want to make the kitchen renovation affordable? Then remodel the kitchen cabinets instead of replacement. Sell the old home appliances for a tidy sum. Purchase new smart home appliances as per your needs. Ensure you buy the entire new appliances from a supplier. You can save money on deals and packages.

  • New Home – Indian Style Kitchen Design

Have you built a new home? Want to decorate the kitchen? Ensure you seek the services of an interior designer from a reputed home care services company. He/she can give you the right ideas.

3. Layout – Indian Style Kitchen Design Renovation

Is a layout so important to the kitchen? Yes, but it is one of the very severely overlooked segments in kitchen remodeling. Let us imagine a situation. Do you have only smart home appliances in your kitchen? Then ensure you use them to the best potential. If you have a smart home refrigerator and cannot open the door fully, then it is a waste. The kitchen should not look cramped. In case you are building a new home, hire the best interior designer or civil contractor to design the working layout for the Indian Style kitchen design.

In a new home, before buying the home appliances, consider checking the layout. If you are a tech geek, consider making use of augmented reality. You can make a list of the smart home appliances to buy and then compare with the layout. Do not forget to have extra space for moving around.

4. Storage – Indian Style Kitchen Design

What is the first factor you notice in the kitchen? Eatable items and to-be cooked items. Are you in the phase of kitchen renovation as per the Indian style kitchen design project? Then you should ensure to include storage methods, that are stylish and functional.

So, what is the best way? Draw up a list. You need to enlist items for cooking on the list. Now, have a discussion with your family members regarding the storage options. The best way is to opt for cabinet near the stove.

5. Lighting – Indian Style Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a place to prepare food for the entire family. So, it is mandatory that enough lighting is required. After all, the ingredients for a dish or recipe has to get cut, boiled. The housewife or anyone preparing the dish should prepare the recipe in a hygienic environment.

So, consider these factors while opting for the kitchen renovation project. Where are the areas you need to put up sufficient lighting? Of course, you need them near the sink, stove and the entrance of the kitchen. Also, consider the requirements of the family. Do you have children or seniors in the home? Maybe, they want to listen to their favorite music? Do you have the dining table and chairs in the kitchen? Then you need to look at various options in the kitchen renovation proposal.


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Indian Kitchen Style Design types

Interior designers and civil contractors have changed the entire concept of kitchen remodeling. Gone were the days, when kitchens were looked only as a place for cooking food. Now, they are looked into as party spots, breakfast corners, and barbecue corners. In this article for the kitchen renovation project, we look at some Indian kitchen style design types. Please note, they are ideal alteration projects for small as well large sized homes.


1. L-shaped Kitchens

One of the types most preferred in Indian kitchen style design. This style is known for saving space and are convenient than the normal designs. An interior designer or civil contractor can make the best use in this tyle to bring the balance between counter space, storage, and walking areas.


2. White Color Kitchen

Usually, a normal Indian housewife does not like white paint in the kitchen. The reason, the color may attract dirt soon. But there are special white colors which can give an attractive look, but also cost-effective. This type of white kitchen consists of some designer tiles, plain countertops, a small space for the gas stove, and if needed, a table and chair for one person to have food. A complete package for a nuclear family.


3. Beautiful Cabinets

Is there a way by which you can store food items in a small kitchen? Yes, the cabinets. When the shelves and cabinets look decorated via the kitchen renovation project, then space can radiate the perfect ambiance. And for the small spaces in the kitchen, you can make use of artificial plants.


4. Old Brick Style

There were the days when Indian style kitchen design in homes usually displayed bricks in its raw manner. But then the design became history. Thanks to the interior designers and civil contractors, the brick style has once again hogged the limelight. You can use this style for your kitchen renovation project. The spotty designs for the wall can give the perfect aura for your cooking space.


5. Black Design

Many people do not prefer black colors in their house walls, but interior designers have once again changed the concept. In some recent Indian homes, you can see the jet black counters and bright yellow flooring, shiny metal chairs and tables of the kitchen.


6. Narrow Space

This is one of the Indian kitchen style design types. Imagine you have a small kitchen room. But you can still have a functional kitchen by making use of the perfect spaces. You can include bright lights and a space to move among countertops.


7. Artistic Masterpiece – Indian Style Kitchen Design

Do you have a large kitchen area? Then if your family members are interested, you can deck it with stylish artifacts and items. But remember, it is a hard task to keep the place clean. But there are many advantages. You can arrange the pickle and grain boxes neatly on the shelves. Large windows will give bright sunlight to your kitchen room. And if you have a small kitchen garden, there is no need to search for the ingredients used in recipes. So, the kitchen has changed to a cooking heaven for the family members.


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So, have you read the article on kitchen renovation and alteration ideas? Also, note the following points for your guidance.

  • Kitchen cabinets can look attractive if they are prepared in standard sizes and have standard doors.
  • You should arrange the cabinets in proper fashion. If you have a low ceiling, then there is no need to arrange for top height kitchen cabinets.
  • Let the interior designer and your family members come to a common conclusion regarding the backsplashes. It is the perfect occasion to express the style and personality.
  • Ensure that you have the perfect lighting over sinks, stoves and other spaces in the kitchen.
  • Period. Do you want the floors to composed of colored tiles, red mud or hard ground? You can decide as per your requirement. Yes, wooden floors have also crept in today’s style.

You can decide the layout of your kitchen as per the requirements. But ensure you enlist the services of an interior designer to make the kitchen space look attractive. You can select and hire the best interior designers from your city with ease. How? By downloading Bro4u app and placing a request via the home care companies (such as bro4u) which provide doorstep services.


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