LED Television: Common Problems You Need To Know

A television has become an integral part of a Indian home. Contrary to the cathode ray television, now LED/LCD models have come to the fore. Like every electronic appliance, even the television can become prone to repairs. In this article on fix your LED television repair problems, we give the easiest way solution.

1. LED TV does not turn on

There are some occasions where, even if you put the switch, it takes some time to get activated. In such situations, kindly check if the plug is neatly set to the electricity main board. You can also check if the child has turned off any automation switch. If you have checked and felt everything is fine, then it is the problem with the main board or power board of television. The situation, may need the services of a experienced electrician.


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2. LED TV switches off automatically

There are times, when the television sets on and it goes off. This problem is also attached to the main board or PSU.


3. LED TV screen goes blank

The most common reason may be the power supply unit. It is the PSU which receives the current and sends to all the components. The problem may be because of problem with capacitors. Though it is a simple repair, it is recommended to seek the services of a LED TV repair expert for soldering skills.

4. You get Horizontal Lines when you start the TV

Want to know the source of problem? The signal is very low in the set top box cable. You will not get the same problem if you connect it to a old LED TV. The old model requires low signal, while the recent set of LED televisions require high amount of input signals. Seek the guidance of a LED television repair technician. Most probable, he will tell you to switch to HD set top box.

5. You Do Not Get Any Sound

Want to try the DIY method? Because the process is a bit complicated. Probably, the internal TV speakers have failed. It is because of the audio IC. Replace this part, and you can get back the sound. Very rare problem. If one goes out of order, the other speaker will work.

Since it is a case of replacement of television parts, you have to seek a LED repair professional who excels in tv repair.

6. LED TV Does Not Get Connected to WiFi

You have to first determine the cause of the problem. It may lie in TV or router. Just check with your mobile device. If the idea works, then you have to check the router. Update the firmware in the router. IF it does not work, then you have to reset the router. And this trick will surely be a success.

Alternative method, you can buy a WiFi Extender and check if the LED television model gets connected to the internet. If the signal strength is okay, then consider purchasing a USB wi fi adaptor.

Situations That Require The Services Of  A LED Television Repair Technician

You Do Not See Any Picture

In LED televisions, the fault is related to LED strips. Either, it is time for repair or replacement.


7. Freezing picture

There is no problem with your TV. In fact, the problem is because of faulty aerials. Usually, the problem may lie with faulty main boards.


8. Lines on the screen

This problem is related to lines on the screen. There may be various causes such as faulty logic board, Z sustain boards, faulty screen or scanning board. If the screen has become dented, then you can take a call for another type of repair.



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9. Dark Picture

The problem may be because of faulty TCon Board. Only in some occasions, it might be a faulty screen that can make the TCON board go in repair.

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10. Touch Buttons

The remote is on repair. And you try to use the function panel touch buttons. However, this does not work. So, you have to seek the services of a technician.



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In the article, we have given only some of the common repairs associated with LED television. There are some which you can fix with the DIY method, and others need the experience of a TV repair professional. In recent times, it has become very easy to seek the services of any qualified handyman professional. You can check for the home maintenance company in town, and check for LED Television repair. Now download their app and place a request as per your own convenience. On the specific day, the concerned technician will come and fix the problem.


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