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Have you noticed that termites are eating into your furniture? Termites can be a serious threat to wooden furniture. If there is termite infestation in your home, it has to be treated right away by using the right pest control measures. To make your home termite free you need to find the best pest control service company. Are you looking out for best pest control services? Well, we provide best termite control treatment to keep termites away from your furniture. Get to know about the standard termite control price in India listed below.

The termite control team will provide you the highest level of quality service. They follow the right preventive measures and uses approved chemicals for treating termites. Liquid chemicals are one of the effective methods to get rid of termites. When the liquids are sprayed, nesting of termites is prevented and keep termites from eating away your furniture. The other method to treat termites of severe infestation is fumigation, in case of dry woods. Depending on the pest infestation they adopt the right measures to save your furniture from termites.

Check out below the Termite Control Price List

Termite Control Price List (in Rs)

Type Residential Commercial
Termite Control 1000-2500 1000-2500
Wood borer Control 1000-2500 1000-2500

Termite control price varies with the location. The charges for termite control in Bangalore depend on the level of treatment needed and the service cost per city. Book Termite Control Service now at Bro4u, our professionals will take care of rest.

Placing a request for termite control treatment is easy. You need to specify your requirement and confirm the booking. The pest control professional will be at your place at the scheduled time to carry out the effective termite control treatment. You can hire termite treatment professionals of your choice based on the reviews and rating. Book Now! To experience the best of service right at your doorstep.  

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