Types of Cockroaches Found In India

The total number of cockroach species is 4000. The number is, according to a survey conducted by insect experts. Only 40 species find their names as pests. Others – they are beneficial in natural habitats. In this article about types of cockroaches, we focus on four species found in India.

types of cockroaches

Types of Cockroaches

1. German cockroach  (Blatella germanica)

The adult of this species measures 10 to 15 mm in length. Two longitude stripes exist in the head shield. The color of the male is light yellowish brown. The body has a long tongue shape. The female of the German Cockroach has a plump abdomen.

German Cockroach

A fertile female can produce between four to nine egg cases. Do not get surprised to learn that every egg case has between 37 to 44 eggs. The nymphs coming out of the eggs will take thirty to sixty days to become mature. The life cycle of the German Cockroach adult is more than hundred days.


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They are usually found in Indian hotels, restaurants and apartments. This species of German Cockroaches generally select dark and lonely places for infestation. Normal places are the areas under cupboard as well the refrigerator.

2. American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

The adult of the American Cockroach has a length of 35 to 40 mm. Identification – large size. The color of the top exterior is shiny and ranges from red to chocolate brown. The female of the American Cockroach species can lay between 10 to 90 egg cases. There will be 14 to 28 eggs in every egg case. Unlike the German cockroaches, the young of this species takes 150 days to become adults. Now, do not gasp at the duration. It is from 100 days to three years. So, when you chance upon a American cockroach, the best thing to do is to …………….. You can find these cockroaches in humid and warm environment.

American cockroach

One of the common cockroaches found in India. Known for its fast running, they can feed on anything under the sun. Cheese, bakery products, beer, leather, glue, dead animals, soiled clothes, you name it American Cockroaches can have a delicious meal.

3. Brown banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa)


Image taken from http://www.lovepowerx.com/creature/brown-banded-cockroach/


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The adult is smaller in size (10 to 14 mm) when compared to other cockroaches. Identified by yellow brown stripes in the abdomen. During a normal cycle, one female can produce nearly 13 egg cases, which can harbor 16 eggs each. The small ones, hatched takes nearly 55 days to change to adults. In its ideal living conditions, it can live for 90 to 115 days. Usually, the species prefer a humid and warm environment similar to sewage pits and drainage conditions.


4. Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

Oriental Cockroach

The adult reaches a minimum of 25 to 32 mm in length. Its color is very dark. The female can produce 14 eggs in an egg case. But the duration of development of young is more in the Oriental Cockroaches. And the lifecycle of a adult is six months. This species has the ability to tolerate low temperatures. The Oriental Cockroaches can feed on garbage and organic material.



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