Info On Best Types of Geysers For Your Home

Water is one of the major requisites for any living being. You use it for drinking, bathing and many more. Even in industries, water finds its use in running machines. For domestic purposes, water gets purified in various methods such as kettles, water heaters or appliances. For bathing, you use a different appliance. Example – geysers, hot water tanks, boilers or hot water heaters. Water heater refers to any system that can enhance the heat of the liquid to more than normal temperature. The water heaters may work by natural fuels or electricity. In this article we are going to focus on the appliance, geyser and common types of geysers. Like other electronic appliances, it can also fall failure at some point of time. In such cases, it is vital to hire the services of a experienced geyser repair technician.
When we mention geyser, normally you get reminded of winter. In cold conditions, the temperature of water stoops too low, and you cannot even touch the water. So, people use hot water from geyser for bathing and various purposes. They also use various appliances such as kettle, water heating rod, solar water system. Whatever the appliance, they are all termed as water heaters. The reason – you have used an alternative external source to heat the water.

Real Geyser

The term geyser refers to a natural resource of spring or fountain. It has its source deep below the ground. In fact, the speed of the geyser is such that it emits with immense force the water out of the ground.
In this article, we focus on some common types of geysers (electronic appliance) used in home.
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Types of Geysers

At present, there exists two types of geysers in the Indian market.
1. Tank-type water heater geyser
2. Tank-less water heater geyser

1.Tank Type Water Heater Geyser

As the name suggests, it has a storage tank to contain hot water. The temperature of the water remains constant due to automatic thermal control. The part responsible for the heating task activates or deactivates for maintaining the temperature of the tank at a constant level.

Advantages of Tank Type Water Heater

You can buy this model at affordable prices. It can work even in areas where usage of electricity is low.

Disadvantages of Tank Type Water Heater

Among the various types of geysers, this type comes next to tankless geyser when it comes to saving energy. If you have used all the water stored in the tank, then you need to wait for some time to get hot water.
You need to maintain the storage tank free from corrosion and rust. This type uses more floor space.
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The sediment that gets dissolved in water may have the ability to damage or corrode the tank wall. It may even lead to leakage problems.
Tank water heaters are of two types. Gas tank water heater and electric water heater. These type of water heaters can easily get adjusted to various power circuits.
Unless properly maintained, even tank type water geysers can also result in repair. But it is easy to have the appliance repaired in short time. Just search for the best geyser service professional in your town via a popular home services company. He will come to your house and fix the problem.

B. Tankless Water Heater Geyser

As the name suggests, this model is devoid of storage tank. Its shape is that of a rectangular box. You can find it mounted on the wall. It has a heating or burner element. The other parts are internal piping and thermal control. The heating option begins only when you press the button for hot water. And as you open the tap, the water starts to flow via the heater pipes. The sensor gets the message of flow of water. And the burner (heating element) produces hot water for various uses. This type is available in natural gas as well electric models.
It occupies a low volume area. The reason – no storage tank. This appliance always has hot water. When compared to its counterpart, tankless water heater has more lifespan and energy efficiency. It makes use of energy only when needed. This model is expensive and needs more power or gas. Tankless water heaters provide endless quantity of water as per the need.
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Types of Geysers

Gas Geyser Or Electric Geyser?

You find more varieties in geysers. Yes, it is a challenge to determine the difference between gas geyser and electric geyser. For our loyal readers, we have given the advantages and disadvantages of both the geysers. Now, the ball is in your court to choose the best one.
Please note, both the types work differently during the process of heating water.

1. Gas Geyser

As the name suggests, gas geysers make use of LPG or liquid petroleum gas. They do not have control on the power required to heat water. Yet, these geysers can supply unlimited flow of hot water. Usually, large families prefer this type of geyser. But you need to have a large bathroom with good ventilation.
There are two types of gas geysers

Tankless geysers or Instant geysers

If you are a small family, this type suits you best. Usually, in India, many brands manufacture instant gas geysers only.

Storage Geyser (In India, you rarely find this type)

Usually a large family prefers the storage geyser. Remember, many foreign countries have the bathtub. But there is one advantage. This type is simple and easy to operate. So, even in times of repair, a experienced technician can easily fix the storage geyser.

2. Electric Geyser

They are convenient to use, the main reason for their preference. In this type, the copper coils convert electrical energy to heat energy. Yes, only few changes have happened to this geyser type since its entry to the market. But the fundamental principle stays the same. There are two types of electric geysers

Electrical Instant Geysers

The Instant water geyser does not have any storage tank. So there is absolutely no possibility of heating more water. To be honest, neither the water nor electricity goes on waste. You can switch them during usage and switch off when not needed.

Electrical Storage Geysers

This geyser occupies a large space on the wall. Unlike its counterpart, it releases all the water needed for bath. This model is preferred among the types of geysers in India.


We hope that you have understood the most common types of water geysers. There are chances that even with proper maintenance, it can also land in repair. So what do you do in such situations? Just take the mobile and search for the best home services company. It must have qualified geyser handyman professionals in its vendor list. You can also schedule the timings of the geyser repair at your own convenience. The professional comes to your home on the scheduled date and time. The problem gets fixed in front of your family.
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