Air Conditioner Noises : Their Types And Meanings You Should Know

There is one factor regarding the recent home appliances. Regardless of their function, they do not make much noise. And we also mean the air conditioner. Period. So, you have to take notice when the air conditioner makes noise. In this article on air conditioner noises: Their types and meanings, you get valuable information. You also get to know to extend the lifetime of your appliance.

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In recent AC models, you have the sound reducing technology and compressors to keep the noise volume low. But in case of unusual sounds and different types of air conditioner noise, you should understand that the model needs a maintenance service or a repair.


Why Should You Not Ignore Air Conditioner Noises?

Every home appliance makes sounds or noise when there is a minor problem. When you take notice and call the services of a technician, then you prevent the minor issues from turning to major expenses. Chances are, in the worse cases, you may need replacement of an entire unit. So it is advisable, as per home improvement experts to identify the real cause and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Now let us look into the different types of air conditioner noises.


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1. Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise

In case of the air conditioner making a buzzing noise, then it is a sure sign of an electrical problem with the appliance. The AC may have gone old. The reasons may be many, some of them including – 


  • Some parts where the electrical wires have been joined have turned loose
  • Dirt, debris may have got stuck in the outdoor or indoor unit
  • The fan motor present outside the home has turned loose. Or it is in the last stage (failure)
  • The condenser coils need maintenance service
  • You may need to replace the air filter
  • The blower is damaged or needs service
  • The refrigerant is leaking. The reason, you can feel the warm air in the appliance.


Your Next Course of Action

There are chances that the AC is working fine even in times of buzzing noise. Please take note, that you should switch off the appliance and call an AC repair expert.


2. Air Conditioner Making Crackling Noise

This noise occurs in many situations. Some may be a DIY method (easy to fix) where a paper bag could have become trapped in the AC. But there are also reasons, that the result may be a fire hazard. So, just check if you have given the appliance the perfect service as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Now let us look into the reasons for this specific air conditioner noise.


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A. Wiring Issues – Main Reason for Air conditioner Noise

If you feel the burning of wires, then there are chances of an electrical wire. So, you should turn off the electricity and call an AC repair technician.

B. Debris – Main Reason for Air conditioner Noise

This is a harmless situation. Pieces of newspapers, plastic bag, and other items may have got wrapped in the fan. So, it makes a crackling noise when turned upon. To identify the cause, you have to switch off the power of the AC. Then check the fan housing panel and the fan area. Do you find any debris wrapped around the fan? Then you have to clean it. The noise will also stop.

C. Duct Work – Main Reason for Air conditioner Noise

So, you know that the nature of the ducts is to supply cold air to the rooms in your home. Well, you have the ducts in various forms, straight metal, and flexible metal. In case, the appliance has crossed more than half a decade, then there will be a crackling noise. Sometimes, if the ducts are not properly secured to the house structure, then it will also give a crackling noise.


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C. Air Conditioner Making Rattling Noise

Now you guessed it right. Leaves, sticks or any dirt may have stuck in the vents. There may be other reasons such as the bolts or screws in the appliance may have become loose. There is a possibility that the sound can also come from the compressor. If the compressor has become old, then it is common for the air conditioner making a rattling noise.

So, you have to check if the bolts or screws have become loose. The condenser coils may need a cleaning job. Also check the indoor air filter.



So, mentioned in the article are some air conditioner noises – simple and serious. When it comes to replacement, you may have to bear a heavy cost. So, give the maintenance service as per the manufacturer’s instructions. And if you have to hire an ac repair expert make use of our bro4u app. You can book the service within four minutes.

Do you want to gain more information on problems regarding the AC? Then read the article on AC problems and solutions, AC types and other info related articles.

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