Top Five Symptoms Of AC Compressor Failure

Do you often find that your AC is running but cooling the entire home? Then there may be several reasons for the situation. First, you have to find if the problem can be set right by the DIY method. Or if you need the assistance of an AC repair technician to help fix the problem. And if the issue is something regarding the AC compressor, then you need to sit up and take notice. Immediate action is required. In this article why should you not ignore the symptoms of AC compressor failure we give the reasons.  

The Main Reason You Cannot Ignore The Symptoms of AC Compressor Failure

Similar to the fridge, the AC compressor is also the main part of this appliance. It holds the entire responsibility for making refrigerant absorb heat from the air and then taking it outside for removal. So guess the importance. In case of failure, you may have to bear a large expense. Now let us look into the symptoms of AC compressor failure.

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1. Air Conditioner Compressor Does Not Get Activated

Your family members complain, of late, the AC does not give cool air. So, when you check the indoor unit of the appliance, the fan works fine. Now, it is time to check the outside condensing unit. If the fan works fine, the power is flowing in proper fashion, then it may be a sure sign of AC compressor failure.

Now, you have to do another task. Activate the thermostat. This should get the compressor working. No? Then the part has already got damaged due to several reasons. In this situation, it is wise to seek the services of an AC repair expert. He can identify the real cause and fix the problem.


2. Result For This Situation

Usually, it will be either a replacement or repair decision. In case of complete failure of the compressor, you need a replacement. In case, the AC has already crossed a decade, the investment will be a waste of money and time. Ask the guidance of an AC repair expert. You will get the best suggestions in the market.


3. Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air

This is another situation which informs about the symptoms of AC compressor failure. So, the condenser is running in top condition, but you get warm air from the AC. So, the failure of the compressor will happen in the future. And in the damage mode, the compressor will find it difficult to pump refrigerant through the entire system. The result – not enough cooling power. And so you get hot air.


Another Reason For Failure

In a similar situation, please do not assume only about the failure of the compressor. The alternative may be a leakage of refrigerant. In case, the leakage is happening, then the system will lose the refrigerant. It will also cause the compressor to get strained, thus leading to a total failure. And as per the advice of home improvement experts and AC repair technicians, immediate action is needed. So, call the AC repair expert via our bro4u app to get the problem fixed before it becomes a big issue. In a similar situation, first turn off the AC. Then call the technician.

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4. Circuit Breaker Tripping

Have you faced this situation? The outside condensing unit of the air conditioner loses power often. So, the circuit breaker keeps on tripping in a regular fashion. So, this is one of the main symptoms of AC compressor failure. The part is getting overheated and also draws power. So, the circuit breaker is preventing a fire hazard. Fix the problem soon by hiring the AC repair professional.


5. Outside Unit Vibrates When Starting

Did you notice if the condensing unit of the AC shakes when it is switched on? Then the compressor found it hard to start. So, this is one of the symptoms of AC compressor failure. In a similar situation, you should turn off the system, and call an AC repair technician as soon as possible to fix the problem.


6. Noisy Condenser Or Other Parts

Do your family members complain that the AC unit is making more sound? They also hear other noises from the unit. In such situations, the electrical components in the unit have gone on the damage mode. Or the fan motor has got damaged and it is causing sound in the condenser unit. You should have the compressor fixed quickly before it ends up in total failure.

Yes, it is repair, but not so expensive.


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Never ignore symptoms of AC compressor failure – that is what home improvement experts as well AC repair technicians say again and gain. Period. When it is the red-hot summer, naturally you have to rely on AC. And ensure that you provide service and maintenance at regular intervals as per the instructions of the manufacturer. In case of repair, you can download our bro4u app to book the best AC repair expert in your city with ease. Our technicians are verified qualified AC repair experts and can service any brand.

Do you want to know more information on the AC types? And other information. Keep visiting our website for more details.

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