Amazing Secrets To Washing Machine Maintenance

There are some appliances which occupy a prominent place in the Indian homes. Prominent are microwave ovens, washing machine, refrigerator and geysers. In this article, we focus on the challenges involved for washing machine maintenance. It is not that you buy this appliance and it can work on full time till the end of your very life. You may encounter some common problems. Please note, challenges occur in every electronic appliance. There are easy fixtures and others can become a bit complicated. In such cases, you may need to hire the best washing machine maintenance professional to fix the challenge.

In washing machine repair, it is advisable to take the action sooner. The reason, a simple problem can get complicated. In this article, we have compiled the most common washing dryer problems. So read the article with patience. Then, you can determine whether to contact the washing machine maintenance technician. Or you can resolve the challenge by yourself. Now forget about the washing machine price. Instead, focus your attention on servicing the appliance.


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How To Do Washing Machine Maintenance

1 – Washer Does Not Turn On

If the washing machine did not give a response after you turn the switch, it may be a simple problem. The solutions may range from simple to complex, but shall we start with the simple solution?

A. Power

Does the washing machine get power? First check this point by making use of a multimeter. If the electricity does not cross, then there is a problem with the electrical panel. The circuit breakers may have tripped, and the electrical supply – snapped.

No, the breaker has not tripped. Even the outlet has not become hot. Then the problem lays with the outlet. To resolve the problem, you need to turn off the breaker. Now it is your turn to call a experienced electrician for troubleshooting. The outlet should get replaced.

B. Motor

Kindly check if the motor of the washing machine gets overheated. Then the mechanism shuts down the motor so that it can get cooled. Does the same problem occurs on rare occasions? Then, the washing machine is in proper working condition. Do you feel the same problem has occurred on many occasions? You need to contact a experienced handyman who knows the ifs and buts of washing machine. He will identify the real source of the problem. In other words, it is washing machine repair, and you need to hire a professional.

C. Lid Switch

The manufacturer has designed the washing machine lid switch for a purpose. The appliance stops working if you open the lid. The reason – there are times you forgot to close the lid and can switch on the appliance. You can find a tiny plastic piece (it is the one – lid switch) under the lid.  So, even if you switch on the washing machine, the lid has to stay shut. Now, check if the switch is in good condition and placed in perfect position.

D. Timer Knob

There are some models which lay perfect instructions. The timer knob has to stay in line with control panel. Out of alignment, then the washer will never run. In similar cases, you can set in advance the timer. Now, restart the washing machine. It will work.


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#2 – Doesn’t The Water Drain Properly?

You can find various types of drainage problems in the washing machine. For example, there may be a simple clog in drain hose. Conditions may also force you to replace the pump. So how do you find that the draining system of this electronic appliance has a problem? In every situation, you can find the mess on floor. And, you have no other option but to do washing machine maintenance.

A. Drain Hose

The drainage hose may suffer a clog. To resolve the problem, you can remove the hose. Now inspect the clogs. For removing the stubborn blockages on the walls, make use of a garden hose.

B. Do you want to know other reasons?

Check in the drainage hose for kinks. Ensure that the drain hose stays in the drain tub, above the water level.

Also check if the drain hose has got sealed in the standpipe. In similar occasions, you encounter the problem of back siphoning. And the drain hose should never get sealed.

C. Drain Pump

Has the drain pump become jammed? Then you need to drain the rub. The next step is to disconnect the drain pump. Now check the hoses for any new objects. Yes, even the pump inlets also have to go through the inspection process.

If you have problems with the pump, then it can suffer a seizure which can lead to more expense. The motor, can run continuously and even in this situation, it will make a fragile effort to get the pump turned.  In case you have bought the model which works on a belt, then the belt can suffer cracks or get burned. Even the pulley may suffer damage. In similar situations, you need to exercise caution. If the motor runs even though with tension on belt, then the motor can suffer a seizure.

There is also the possibility of bearings seizure on pump. Or a pen, sock or coin may have caused the pump to get jammed. Now seek the help of a professional. The impeller blades may have got broken. You can solve the problem by installing a new pump.

D. Foreign Objects

There are chances, the pens, coins and socks have got lodged between the tub and basket. Then the washer does not get drained properly. It can even come to a full stop. You need to check the cabinet if there remains any obstructions.

E. Detergent

In case you use a large amount of detergent, there will be suds. A large amount will offer resistance to the washer from draining the clothes properly.


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#3 – Does The Washing Machine Refuse To Spin?

For the non-spin, there may be a host of factors. In this problem, you need to check the cabinet for troubleshooting the problem. We will first discuss the easy fixtures. The reason, the problem may be simple.

A. Large Loads

Your favorite home appliance may get caught off-guard. When?  If many clothes get stuffed in a single load. Unbalance may set in, and the appliance may not spin. You can face the same situation if you have not evenly distributed the clothes in the basket.

In similar situations, adjust the load to help the washer get balanced. You can remove all the clothes. Now replace properly within the basket. They should get evenly distributed.

B. Switches and Settings

Please check the lid switch. It is a safety precaution for the hands. In case, the switch is at fault, the washer dryer does not run. In case of repair, it has to get replaced. You can contact the best electrical contractor in town for replacement.

Please check if the speed selector switch is in proper position. You should never get activated at different speeds.

C. Drain Pump

Do you hear a humming sound when you activate the switch? Then there are chances a foreign object has got caught in the drain pump.

D. Belts

Even a low cost washing machine has got many belts. In due course of time, they become damaged. Some suffer breakage. Do you find a belt which shows wear and tear? Then it is time for replacement.

Is the problem not linked to the broken belt? Then check the pulley. It may have suffered a seizure. Then the belt will automatically break. If you replace only the belt and left the pulley, then the same problem can recur.

E. Motor

There are some washer dryer models, which have a reverse motor. In some situations, the basket will spin fine in one direction, but it will not work in opposite direction. You need to replace the motor in such cases. Now unless you are a DIY enthusiast, you can contact a repair professional.

In case you suspect there are chances of clutches or transmission, it is wise to contact a washer dryer repair professional to solve the problem. So, with this topic, you complete the third washing machine maintenance tips.


#4 – Washer Leaking Water

Has the washer dryer suffered a leak? Then there may be simple problems.

First check the drain hose. Check the connections to feel they are free from cracks and damage.

The drain house – also check for clogs. Is a sock missing from your pair?

A. Fill Hose

Fill hoses need to be in sound health. They need to remain properly fixed. But make it a point not to make the nut over-tight.

B.  Water-Inlet Valve

Check this part for leakage. The reason could be rust or deposits of mineral in the valve. It has completed its life and needs a replacement.

C. Too Much Detergent

Do you have hard water in the locality? If you do not use the specific detergent, you may suffer from over-sudsing. Check the amount of detergent for usage. When the washing machine cannot hold a large amount of sud, it will look like a leakage. You can lessen the detergent amount.

D. Door Seal (front-load)

Do you have a front loading washing machine? Then leakage will happen around the door. The reason – build-up of debris. When the level reaches alarming proportions, the door does not get closed. Water will seep out. So clean the door and solve the problem.

E. Drains and Hoses

When the washing machine flushes, do you find leakage? Then the problem lies with plastic bleach dispenser. Bleaching chemicals can cause plastic parts to suffer damage. They need an replacement.

If the model uses liquid chlorine bleach, then the stainless steel can suffer rust. The best way is to use oxygenating bleach. The constituents are less harsh, but the soiled clothes will not get properly cleaned.

F.  Tub Seal

Do you need to replace the tub because of damage? Then it is the right time to contact a professional. It is a difficult job, and you better leave it to professionals.

Common Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

#5 – Detergent

Do you have a automatic detergent dispenser? Then you can face two common issues.

You need to clean the dispenser at least a month. You can pour white vinegar in the dispenser. Now take the washing machine via a normal cycle. If there are any clogs or residue, then the dispenser will work like new.

Working with incorrect products – Please check the settings of the washing machine. Are you using a powder bleach instead of the liquid bleach as specified for the washer? Then it can result in clogs. You need to check the owner’s manual to find the product type for the washer dryer.


#6 – Does Your Washing Machine Shake Alarmingly?

If you have never used the washing machine, then when it makes noise, you may suffer fear. But never let it deter you. There may be a simple solution. It is a simple washing machine maintenance problem, which you will master in due course of time.

A. Not Level

Is the floor is not on a common footing?  Then the electronic appliance will definitely jump around. In case of spinning cycles, the unit can go to a shaking mode. Have you stacked the unit on a uneven floor? Then it will add to the movement.

You can easily fix the solution. In case of uneven ground, use plywood. The trick will work out.

B. Front Washer Feet In The Wrong Position

The front washer feet are specially designed by the manufacturer.  The design is such that they stand level with the floor surface. If you check the front two legs, they have a mechanism where the entire weight can stand tight. The lock keeps the appliance from movement.

Even the rear legs, the design is same. So the washing machine can stand by itself.

C. Unbalanced Load

If the laundry is not balanced, then you have to open the appliance and make adjustments to the bundle. You have to exercise patience, and then make an attempt to get the balance. If you have stacked too many clothes in the washing machine, then it will make  the appliance off-balanced. You need to check the owner’s manual for recommendations of load. Please ensure the clothes should have free space among them to move freely.

It is very easy to fix this washing machine maintenance problem.


#7 – Noise In Your Washer Dryer

Do you get a noise in the washer dryer? Then it is an indication that a foreign object has lodged somewhere. Or a part needs to get replaced. Kindly read the following topics given below. Then if needed, call Bro4u or a reputed home maintenance company. You need not depend on referrals. Also, you do not have to search on established listing websites for washing machine repair pros.

A. Gurgling

Do you hear the gurgling sound? A foreign object has caused obstacle to the drain line, but it has not fully clogged the hose. Ensure, you check it as soon as possible because a fully clogged hose can cause flood.

B. Clicking

Do you hear this sort of sound? Then a object (example, coin from your pant pocket) must have got stuck in washer drain. You can check the drain to remove foreign objects.

C. Buzzing or Humming

For this type of noise, the cause of concern area is the pump. The foreign object has found its way to the pump. It has jammed the pump and there are chances you may have to replace the part. Removal of the product will solve the problem.


#8 – Washer Smells – Common Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Every washing machine, if left uncleaned, emits a musty smell. The effect is because of bacteria and mold growth. The best places in the washing machine is the tub, where the bacteria and other organisms find a favorable place to build their numbers.

There are some washer dryer models which commonly face this problem. In due course of time, the washing machine will emit a bad smell. If you neglect, the smell will then spread to the laundry and even the room.

The best way is to clean every month the appliance. You should also regularly check for mildew or mold. In case, the issue is not resolved, consider checking the settings feature with the manufacturer’s manual. It is a critical issue and belongs to one among the prominent washing machine maintenance tips.

A. Detergent

Check properly the detergent and the amount specified in the owner’s manual. There are chances if excessive suds get created, then the dirty residue will build in the basket and other parts.

You need to practise preparing the perfect combination of fabric and detergent softener. If you gain the formula, it is easy to stop the growth of bacteria.

B. Temperature

Hot water can easily dissolve the biofilm layer of bacteria or other organisms. Do you use cold water for rinsing the clothes? Then use hot water on the final load. This is one of the best preventative measures.

If you encounter the mold problem frequently, then do a second rinse. This way you can prevent mold and mildew growth.

C. Drain Pump Filter

It is mandatory to clean the drain pump filter every month. But very few washing machine owner’s do the task sincerely. Others do not bother unless there is a problem. If foreign particles such as coins and other items get stuck, the water flow will slow down.  Thus the environment gets created for mold and bacteria growth.


#9 – Washer Won’t Finish Cycle

One of the easy problems. Does the washer run even after the cycle is complete? Then the timer has a problem. You need to remove the control panel and check if the timer has caught corrosion or some other problem. A new timer will solve the problem. So, with this topic, we conclude the article of washing machine maintenance.


Conclusion To Washing Machine Maintenance

So, these are some of the common problems with the washing machine. For some, you can solve with patience and knowledge. For few, you need the services of a professional. But do not worry if the warranty has expired. You can easily hire the best in town via Bro4u by placing a request on the app or calling the number on our website. Do you stay in the capital city of Bangalore, or Hyderabad or Pune? Then get the best handyman professionals from Bro4u at your doorstep. To place a request you just need to download the app and book for the relevant service, washing machine repair. The concerned professional will come to your home and fix the problem.


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