All that you didn’t know about Cakes!

Ever wondered how Cakes came into existence?

Here’s the mystery revealed! The history of cake goes back to ancient times. Initially Cakes were only bread loaded with honey. Egyptians were the first to show us baking skills. The English word ‘Cake’ is a derivation of ‘kaka’, an Old Norwegian word. Thanks to the European bread cooks who regularly made nutty delights and gingerbread. These Yummy delights lasted for a very long time!

2 Bread & Honey

Do you know that each shape of a Cake has its own meaning:

  • Round Cakes: They depict the Cyclical Nature of Life. This is why 60% of Birthday Cakes are round in shapes!
  • Heart Shaped CakeAn Expression of Love towards the other person!
  • Square Shaped Cake: Depicts Honesty. Have you noticed that most Companies order for Square shaped Cakes? I wonder why?
  • Castles: Feeling on top of the world!
  • Photo CakesSuper Special Cakes. This can be in any shape with an imprinted version of our special one on the Cake!
  • Animal Shaped Cakes: Behavior of that Animal!
  • Customized Cakes: These days we can customize our Cakes as per what we want to convey to our loved one. Like Smart Phone Cakes for a Tech freak?

3 Cake Ad

If Cakes were Bread & Honey then how did flavors come into picture? Arlee Andre was the Creator of Cake Mixes who sold this to Procter and Gamble in 1956.

As Economy grows our Time for each other decreases, but our Love would never decrease. We try new methods to showcase our love to our Family, Friends and Relatives.

4 Flavours

Cakes are used as a means of gifting each other, since they showcase our respect to our most loved individuals. In “olden times” when refined sugar, flavors, nuts, and dried natural product were costly, it was a great respect to be honored with a Cake. Today it isn’t super costly and we have numerous options however the message stays consistent.

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Cake says: You are immensely important & we love you! Hopethis article about Cakes was helpful.

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