How Can You Identify Signs Of Motherboard Failure In Laptop?

Kindly read the title again. Motherboard failure? It means that this part is an important feature of your computer. So, every component that is attached to the computer is compatible with the motherboard. In case, the motherboard has a problem, then it will be difficult to replace. The reason, every model will have a specially designed motherboard. So, if the new motherboard differs in size, shape or location, then you will need to replace more than one component. So, in case you have to do a replacement, you should eliminate all other errors before going for a new motherboard. In this article, you will get to know the signs of motherboard failure in laptop so that you can take appropriate action with ease. You do not have to rush or make amends in times of system crash.

In simple words, the motherboard can be described as the brain center connecting every piece and component in a laptop. You can visualize CPU as the brain. If you have a problem with the motherboard, then the performance of the laptop will get reduced. So get to know some signs of motherboard failure in laptop.


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Difference Between Understanding Signs of Failing Motherboard or Total Motherboard Failure

Identifying the difference is difficult. The reason, as already explained, every component of the laptop is connected to the motherboard. If you have a screen problem, yes, it could be related to the motherboard. Or the video card has failed. So, if any of the computer parts have failed, then it may be a sign of motherboard failure in laptop.


How Can You Identify Signs Of Motherboard Failure In Laptop?

1. The Laptop Starts At Random

Even a novice can tell random starts are a common sign of a motherboard which is on its last breath. But do not rush to a conclusion. The sign may also be of a virus or error on the hard drive. Okay, you have called the laptop repair technician and he has confirmed that it is not a virus or hard drive error. Then all roads lead to failure in the motherboard.

2. Identify The Beep Sound

Are you not able to boot the computer? Then listen to the sound when you turn the laptop on. Do you hear a pattern of beeps? You can check this article for more information. As of now, for signs of motherboard failure, you will hear a beep, followed by three to five beeps. In case, you hear four beeps, followed by two to four beeps, then it is a sign of parallel part issues. They also point to motherboard damage.


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We have seen the signs of motherboard failure. Now let us look into the causes of failure of the motherboard.

1. Bloated Capacitors

Well, it will be difficult to identify the signs. But they are also a sure sign of failing motherboards. Usually, the reason will be heating of the motherboard. A laptop repair expert can easily identify the signs and check if the capacitor has become bloated. In this situation, replacement of the capacitor can fix the problem.


2. Impact/Spill

In an unfortunate situation, an accident can cause a severe impact on the circuit. The result will be a motherboard failure. If you have had a nasty spill in the laptop keyboard, then there are chances that the motherboard can get spoilt. In case the spill is of a thicker liquid, then there are sure chances of motherboard failure. If your child has spilled water on the laptop, there is a sure chance of motherboard going on the path of failure.


3. Ageing & Wear

Your laptop as well the motherboard are not invincible. They are electronic components and can work till the deadline. Yes, you can make some amendments such as giving regular maintenance or proper care of the laptop, but that is it. If they have touched the lifespan or gone beyond by a year or two, they can fail. So you may have to replace the motherboard. Or there is also a chance to buy a new laptop.

If you have bought a second-hand laptop and have installed a cheap motherboard, then it can fail in a short time. The signs of motherboard failure may be the leakage of the capacitor. There are also chances, you may see a bloated capacitor.


4. Check Connections/Peripherals

Kindly check the connection between the power cord and the electrical outlet. There are also chances, if the peripheral connectors are loose, they may lead to more problems. So, ensure they are tight fitted.


5. Burning Smell

Does the laptop give the smell of burning components? Then you have to shut down the laptop as quickly as possible. The reason, a component has become heated. As you know, the motherboard is connected to many components such as video card, processor, hard disk or RAM. If you have installed a component that is incompatible, then it can result in damage to the motherboard.


6. Electrical Spikes/Surges

As you know, the electrical circuit can suddenly get an overload of energy. The main reason can be wiring problems, power-hungry appliances and more. If this happens on regular occasions, then the delicate components of your laptop may get damaged. So, if the laptop is connected to an electrical outlet that is prone to fluctuations then the motherboard damage may happen in the future. You should make use of a surge protector to neutralize the negative effects.

7. Heating Issues

It is true. A laptop is more prone to damage than a normal computer. Yes, if you are regularly carrying the device, then it may get damaged due to impact with various items. So, use a case designed for laptops. Also, you have to ensure that the vents in the laptop stay clean and pure. This will make the laptop motherboard cool even in case of high activity.


8. Blue Screen

The reason may vary. But very often, it is an issue connected with the blue screen. Very common reason – OS has reached a point, where it will not work. There may be other issues, such as power supply issues, or malfunctioning software. For simple problems, you can search the internet by putting the error code in Microsoft or Google site. Unable to fix the problem? Then the issue may lie with the motherboard.


Are you a novice to laptop repair? Then do not attempt to fix or identify the signs of motherboard failure problem yourself. It may result in more harm to the laptop. So hire a laptop repair professional via the multipurpose bro4u app to get the best assistance within a short time. Our company offers doorstep repair services by qualified technicians who can come to your home at the scheduled time. He will first identify the source of the problem and then fix it with ease.


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In this article, we have given information on signs of motherboard failure in laptop. To prevent their occurrence, you can install a cooling system near the computer. So, excess heat will get absorbed or dispelled. By this method, you need to extend the life of the motherboard.

Are you out to buy a new motherboard? Then ensure to get one with the same socket that can get attached to every other component in your laptop. Or else, you may have to replace other parts. So, how to decide if you need a replacement of the motherboard or it is a simple problem? Hire a laptop repair person with ease via the bro4u app. He can come at your convenient time to the home and conduct an inspection. He can identify the real cause and give the best solution. You can fix the problem regarding signs of motherboard failure in laptop with ease with this method.

Do you want to know how to recover data from hard disk or how to troubleshoot display problem in laptop? Then keep visiting our blog for more updates.


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