How To Identify Signs of CPU Fan Failure in Your Computer?

Do you have a doubt that the computer CPU fan has stopped working? In this article, we focus on giving information not only about the signs of CPU fan failure but also how to fix the problem.

How To Identify Signs of CPU Fan Failure

Yes, the fan is present inside the computer case. And they are an important part of the computer as they dispel the heat evolved in the computer. Due to working activities, the components can get heated and only the fan can keep them cool. Or else, the overheated components can get worn out very easily. In times of faults or problems, the fan can exhibit signs of failure.


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So, in the next part, let us discuss the signs of CPU fan failure –

1. Noise

It may surprise you, but a computer fan will run quietly. In fact, they are designed in that way. But you can notice the first signs of CPU fan failure when you hear the noise. Usually, it will be rattling sound or a faint humming sound. There are also chances, that dust and dirt may have settled in the computer and causing obstacles to the fan blades and the working of the fan.

It is better to seek the guidance of a computer repair technician. He can not only identify the problem and fix it, but your computer will get a complete maintenance service.

2. Overheating

If the components present in the insides of a computer are subjected to heat, then there are chances of damage to the computer. The best signs of CPU fan failure, you can identify when the performance of the computer dips by more than ten percent. The signs will be repeated freezing of the computer or blue screen of death. It means that the system is moving towards hardware failure. Replacement of the faulty or damaged fan by a computer repair professional will fix the problem.

3. Error Messages

In some new computer models, manufacturers have designed the software so that you get an alert when the CPU fan fails. When the sound occurs, you can get warning messages such as fan failure, CPU fan failure and many more. You can also get an alert stating the computer will totally shut off if steps are not taken to resolve the problem. In this situation, you can shut off the computer and hire a computer repair technician at the shortest possible time to fix the problem. Make use of the many purpose bro4u app to hire the best technician in your city.

4. Video Card Problem

What is the main enemy of the interior components of the computer? It is heat. And if the components have to work properly, the heat produced due to working needs to get dispelled.

u can experience problems with the video card or other components. There may be also chances that the system may shut down without a reason.


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Solutions For Simple Signs of CPU Fan Failure

You can kindly check if the wires are properly connected to the motherboard. Yes, you have to open the case and make the fixture to set right the problem.


1. Reinstallation

If the fan is not properly installed on the motherboard, then the fan cannot function normally. So, if the installation is made perfect, then the fan will get back to normal working condition.

2. Dust in the CPU Fan

Have you not done the maintenance check for your computer? Then the dust may have clogged the fan. The blades of the fan may have become filled with dust and may find it difficult to spin. A maintenance service will make the fan function normally.


3. CPU Bearing

Have you brought the CPU half a decade ago? Then there are chances that some bearing may have come loose. So tighten the screws. Or there are chances that abrasion may have caused the fan to reduce its performance. Service by the computer repair expert will make the computer fan bounce back to normal again.


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We have given the solutions, but they can work only if the fan has become partially damaged or on the first step towards failure. They will never work if the fan has become totally damaged. In a similar situation, that is, if you are experiencing overheat problems, or hearing the loud noises, it is advisable to opt for the services of a computer repair technician. And you do not have to go far to search the expert. Download our bro4u app, search for the service, select the best technician and place a request within four minutes. The concerned qualified verified computer repair professional will come to your home at the scheduled time and fix the problem at affordable rates.

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