10 Incredible Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Washing Machine

So your washing machine is half a decade old. The womenfolk of your large family love the appliance. The reason -it reduces their work on the weekends. Of Laundry. All the menfolk in the family go to work and the women get as a unwanted gift on the weekends, the dirty clothes. In this article you get to know on tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine. Also given for our loyal readers is a way to hire the services of washing machine technician in a easy method.
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What Was The Norm In Olden Days?

Your mother and grandmother had no other option. They had to wash the clothes by their own hands three decades ago. And a major part of their Sundays, they spent just washing clothes. Now, after you bought the washing machine, your mother and grandmother heaved a sigh of relief. They can now watch their favorite weekly serials without a disturbance. And your family now gets to relish favorite dishes. The washing machine has almost become a non-living member of the family.

Tips To Extend The LifeSpan Of Washing Machine

 In recent times, you are in a state of confusion. The warranty period of the washing machine has expired. You fear that if the appliance gets repaired, the payment may make a hole in the wallet. So you search for the best ways to get the washing machine repair expert for any brand in the internet. Then, you landed here. In this page, we have specified on maintenance. Now you will know many tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine.

1. Level of Ground

Do you mind standing on an uneven level for two hours? You will definitely ask the question “why?” Now just think about the washing machine. If you have made it stand on uneven ground, the vibrations may get strong. When you put on the switch, and the cleaning process is on. And if you have stood it against the wall, it may suffer scratches and loss of paint. If you have stacked it in the middle of other electronic appliances, then they may get damaged. If there is no way but to make the washing machine stand on uneven ground, check the front level legs. Do you want more information? For more information, you can check youtube videos. Or visit the website of the washing machine brand.

2. Cleaning Of Surface

 Cleaning? Hah! That is the most difficult part in a home. Usually cat fights between family members happen only for cleaning tasks or purposes. But what is a family without cat fights and love? Coming to the topic, you take some activities for granted. You dreamt of buying a washing machine, and bought it. You thought the appliance will take care of on its own. C’mon, it is not a living being. For maintenance, and to fulfill its lifetime, it will look for friendly interaction on you, and family members.
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Is the maintenance so hard?

No, but it will involve at least five minutes every day or twenty minutes per week. Do you wash the dirty laundry only on the weekends? No? Then, everyday do not forget to wipe the dust off the washing machine. If the detergent has spilled, then do not forget to wipe the stain off. Yes, that applies for the other parts too. You need to keep clean the glass doors, crevices and gaskets. After a heavy load, do not forget to clean the doors and gaskets. This is just one of the many tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine.

3. Removal of Lints

Lint? A unfavorable product of washing machine. The accumulation happens and you get it in the drain. Some washer machine models accumulate this product to a certain extent. Then they send it to the agitator center tube. In this case, for the cleaning process, the tube has to be separated. If the filter is in the top, then you have to clean, and then reinsert to the tube. Are the drainage pipes from your washing machine connected to the kitchen/ bathroom? Ensure that the lint do not block the drainage pipes. Or else you can face a drainage issue.

If You Face A Problem

In case you are not able to open the door or get a electric shock, disconnect the appliance from the electrical switch. Search on the manufacturer’s manual for the instructions. In case, it specifies repair, opt for the authorized service center of your brand. Expired warranty? Opt for the best repair service from washing machine experts via a home maintenance company. Sometimes, DIY methods can do more harm than good. In this case, opting the service of a technician is of the the best tips to extend the life of your washing machine.

4. Water Fill Hoses

There are some important parts in the washing machine. Among the few, water hoses assume prominence. They can get easily damaged with time if the traffic of water is more. As the head of the family, you need to check the water hoses from time to time. Did you see a small blister in the tube? Then it is future alert sign for cracks. Just search on the internet. Every home improvement expert will recommend replacement of the washing machine hoses at least five years.

5. Do Not Overdry

Does the womenfolk in your family have to do multi-tasks in the weekend? Then there are chances they forget that the washing machine has done its job. The clothes should never remain in washing machine. They can suffer damage and the lifespan gets reduced.

6. Moisture Sensor

Are you always searching on the internet for exchange offers? Yes, even in India, Flipkart, Amazon give bulk offers for exchange. In case you want to exchange the washing machine, ensure you buy the new one (even if you have to pay extra money) with a moisture sensor. The advantage – the washing cycle gets shut off if the clothes become dry.

7. Open Washing Machine Doors

 There are a lot of articles on the internet about keeping the washing machine doors open. But there is a cache – you should not have pets or toddlers in the house. The advantage – the drum gets pure air. This activity will also prevent unpleasant smell. One among the few tips to extend the life of washing machine and make it pleasant for family members, visitors and guests.

8. Vent Dryers

 Do you have a washing dryer? Then the lint gets accumulated in the body. Ensure you clean it thoroughly. Carbon-di-oxide should not get released in home. In some unfortunate situations, you may suffer a fire hazard.

9. Cleaning The Interiors

 Have you cleaned the above mentioned parts? Then focus on the other parts such as attachments and dispensers. Do not forget to check the drum’s interior. There are chances a coin or hook may get stuck in the drum. The result – damage to the clothes. Ensure that the drum gets cleaned of any stains. Or else, next time you put a light color clothes load, they may get stained from the previous set of dark colored clothes. If the cloth  gets stuck and the washing machine finds difficulty to turn on, then it can result in damage to the appliance. So, home improvement experts advise on cleaning every part of the washing machine at least once a week. Consider this as best among the few tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine.

10. Vacations

 Have your children completed the exams? Have your spouse and you put leave so that you can go on a long holiday? Then, it is wise to unplug the wire in the washing machine. It will prevent, in an unfortunate situation, accidental floods. As per home improvement experts, this is one of the best tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine.
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 Here we come to the conclusion on tips to extend the lifespan of washing machine. Yes, we have given only ten tips, but please note that the points are for a general model. In recent times, many features in models make the buyers confused. We strongly recommend reading the manufacturer’s manual after you buy the appliance. This will prevent taking help from unexperienced professional in times of small repair.
Let us imagine, you want to service the washing machine. The warranty period is over. So, how will you search for the best washing machine repair technician in the city? It is very easy. You can search for the best home maintenance company in your locality. They may offer the qualified handyman professional services at your doorstep. Just download their app, and search for the relevant service, place a request. You can schedule the request as per your convenience. On the specific day, the concerned pro will come and fix the solution.
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