Things To Do at Home When It is raining Heavily Outside

Hey Bengaluru, heavy rain right? Fed up or enjoying? I guess most of you all are disappointed for missing weekend fun. Well, as we all are sailing in the same boat, here we bring you few tips that you can follow to have a pretty great time being at home. Come, let’s find out the things to do at home when it is raining heavily outside.

Tip 1 – If you are a selfie freak then come out and take beautiful, crazy selfies in this most romantic weather. Upload the photos on Facebook and make your friends feel jealous. 

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Tip 2 – Our favorite Maggi is back. Spend some time in the kitchen cooking the yummy Maggi and recreate the memories with your family. 

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Tip 3 – Fond of writing? Get the poet out of you. What more inspiration you need when it is all green around you and this weather is so awesome that the words just flow. Try it. 


Tip 4 – Go back to your childhood. Make paper boats and happiness is just looking at those colorful boats sailing in the water.



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Tip 5 – Get your parents for chit- chat. Listen to their stories, watch movies and share your dreams with them. You feel really great.

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Tip 6 – If the rain is slow then whom you are waiting for. Just go for a cycle ride. On the journey, you will find yourself.



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Tip 7 – One of the best things to do and my favorite is sitting by the side of a window and reading the favorite book with a cup of coffee. 


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Tip 8 – Suppose if don’t have a mood to do anything then just jump on your bed and go for a deep sleep. 


Have a great time!

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