Here Are Simple Steps On How To Prevent Ransomware Attack On Your Computer

Have you heard the names of Notpetya, WannaCry, Locky, and CrYsis? No, they are not movies, but names of ransomware which wreaked havoc in the globe. You will definitely know about WannaCry because this ransomware made quite an impact in 2017. Yes, even in these times of best security antivirus software and antispy software there is a serious threat. In this article, we focus on how to prevent ransomware attack on your computer.

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What Is Ransomware?

In simple terms, it is malware or malicious software. If this program enters your computer, you cannot access the data stored in various drives. The attacker will then ask for ransom, that if you pay the amount, you can get access to the data. You will get instructions on how to make the payment via bitcoins or other modes by messages.

How Ransomware Enters Your Computer

Ransomware enters your computer by making use of security vulnerabilities in your security software. Or few ransomware engineers trick you to install with the other name such as antivirus software. A decade ago, the main targets were public schools, hospitals, and police departments. But now it has moved to home computers and small business companies.

This industry has attracted some of the best computer minds to turn to criminal actions. But cybersecurity experts term only one reason for ransomware to enter your computer – poor protection software and practices followed by computer/laptop owners or business owners.


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How To Prevent Ransomware Attack On Your Computer

If your friend’s computer has got a ransomware attack, let him/her buy time to pay the amount. The hackers will give no guarantee that the files will be restored. There are also chances that some files have been deleted.

In a similar situation, ask your friend if he/she keeps a backup data. Let him work from those files. You can either complain to the cyber crime department in your city or let a computer security expert handle the problem.



Do not divulge confidential information in the email or during the calls. The same applies to messages or text messages. Phishers can give deals, discounts from websites to install malware/ransomware in your computer. They may assume fake ids of bank officers or IT security firms. If you are working in a company, ensure you follow the protocols of the company while opening email from an unknown source. Cybercrime experts specify this method for the question how to prevent ransomware attack on your computer.


If you have a home computer, ensure you use the paid versions of antivirus software and spyware. It is better you have a firewall. It is vital to keep the security software up-to-date. Opt for brands. They not only give the best service and also prevent phishing, spyware and other attacks on your home computer.

Does your email scan for viruses and other threats? In case, you have an office, ensure that the official email is scanned for threats. It should have programs to block any attachments which can pose a threat.

Do not browse unwanted websites. Usually, hackers spreading malware activities or making phishing attempts are found on websites which have cheap antivirus software programs. If you are doing research, and have to gather information on compromised websites, ensure you have a paid version of antivirus software and use VPN.

Are you going on a vacation? Do you have to answer official emails? You should alert the IT department if you have to use local internet services. Ensure you make use of Virtual Private Network (such as Norton Secure VPN).


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Conclusion – How To Prevent Ransomware Attack

Right from the golden old ages, our elders have always specified that prevention is 100 percent better than cure. Also, the internet has brought the entire globe as one common human race. And in it, we also have to include persons of criminal minds like unethical hackers who can make your hard earned money vanish in a few seconds. So, it is vital that you ensure that the security software in your computer stays up-to-date. This is the best method on how to prevent ransomware attack on your computer. You can also make use of the antiransomware tools such as

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  • Trend MicroLock Screen Ransomware Tool
  • Avast Anti-ransomware tool
  • BitDefender Anti-ransomware tool
  • Zemana Antiransomware tool
  • Malwarebytes 3
  • Kaspersky Antiransomware tool
  • McAfee Ransomware Interceptor


Ransomware can also get in your computer depending on your work. Or do you have work where you have to browse various websites and complete a report? If you have a doubt regarding the security of your system, ensure you hire the services of a computer security engineer via bro4u. He will look into your computer and suggest the right security measures. And hiring a pro has become easy with the emergence of home maintenance companies such as bro4u which offer doorstep services. You can download the bro4u app and make the booking within four minutes to make your computer have the best security firewalls. Then you can prevent malware, phishing attempts as well ransomware in your computer.

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