Laptop Problems & Solutions I How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop

A battery is one of the important parts of a laptop. It has to be in perfect working condition, or else you can experience sudden shutdowns of your system. But you can do simple tasks that can extend the laptop life. In this article, we give valuable tips on how to increase battery life of laptop.


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Information on Laptop Batteries

The recent models of all brands have enough power in their battery to last a day without external power. But if you are reading this article, then yes, your laptop battery may have a problem or you are just, curious. Or you may want to get the best out of your laptop. Please do not forget the fact that there are some models where you cannot replace the batteries. So, replacement is not an option for every laptop.

How To Increase Battery Life of Laptop

1. Dim Your Laptop Screen

Usually, the largest power is needed by the laptop screens. In short, it is the backlight of the screen that needs more power. Yes, you need it to view the colors on the screen. If you dim the screen, then you can add more life to your battery. You can make use of shortcuts to adjust brightness on the screen. There are various techniques you can use such as pressing the Fn key and simultaneously press the function keys in the top row. This is one of the simple methods on how to increase battery life of laptop.

2. Disable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

If you are not making use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then disable them. Both of them can use more power, so it is essential to turn them when you are charging the battery. Usually, you can disable Wi-Fi by making use of the icon or switch or key.

When it comes to the Bluetooth, you can go to the Control Panel, check on Device Manager, find the Bluetooth Adapter and choose the Disable option. Use the right clicking option. Or else you will once again activate the option.


3. Don’t Leave Your Laptop On Permanent Charge

Let us take an example. You feel hungry and so take food. But will you partake even after your stomach is full? This is the same as the laptop battery. It is not wise to keep the battery always plugged to the mains. If you have a lithium ion battery, then it cannot be overcharged. But in case of a normal battery, it can get to the de-generation mode. Yet, you can find some models such as Sony and Lenovo which have utilities to keep the battery from getting charged.

If you want to change the settings, you can disable the limiter and maybe, allow the laptop to get charged to 100 percent. This is one way given by computer experts on how to increase battery life of laptop.


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4. Disconnect/Remove Unnecessary Peripherals

If you have left a disc in the DVD drive, it can affect the life of your battery. It can work on its own when you decide to open an application. The same with the USB accessories or hard disks. They can pull power, so disconnect them when not needed.


5. Alternative Battery

Why don’t you invest in an alternative battery? You can find them compatible with many brands of laptops. There are chances, that your laptop can accumulate another battery of high capacity. In case, your laptop does not have a removable battery, then consider buying a universal laptop battery. You can just get many models to suit your brand. So, keep it fully charged and when your laptop internal battery gets low, connect it to the socket.


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6. Next Level – SSD

In a normal laptop, the hard disks need power for spinning their platters. When you upgrade to a solid state drive, you can save the power as it has no moving parts. Even your laptop will improve its performance.


7. Internal Graphics

Usually, your laptop will have AMD or the Nvidia graphics chip. Your model can also have integrated graphics. So, you need to make the modifications so that the AMD or Nvidia chips are used only when you play games or run complex applications. But you need to check if they have been enabled. There are some manufacturers whose models can manually switch between the two graphics chips. As per computer experts, when you use the integrated graphics, your laptop battery will last longer. This is one simple method among the many on how to increase the battery life of laptop.


8. Management of Memory

Do you work on multiple tabs at the same time? Your battery life will extend by a few years if you open few tabs. The same rule applies when you run many applications at the same time. In these circumstances, the free memory gets completed and new ones have to get added to the hard disk. The best alternative, you can install more memory in the laptop.

Change The Power Settings

You can go to Control Panel, then search for Power options and check the selection of Power Plan. For more information on power saving, search on the manufacturer website of your laptop brand.


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Laptop batteries are not even covered in the many warranty statements. So you can guess its life term. After some years, you will find that the laptop battery has only fifty percent of the original capacity.

These are just a few methods on how to increase battery life of laptop. Most of the activities mentioned in this article are the DIY methods. But do not forget to give the maintenance service to your device as per the instructions of the manufacturer. For getting a computer engineer near your home, you can download the bro4u app, and book a qualified verified laptop repair engineer for your model. You can not only get the best service, but our technician will fix the minor errors. Your laptop will improve its performance.

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If you want more information such as identifying the symptoms of laptop battery failure, or to check if the laptop battery is working or not and other problems with laptop, keep visiting our blog for more updates.

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