Best Tech Tips: How To Remove Virus From Laptop

In the olden days, money was an valuable asset, and strong lockers in a home or company protected thef. Now, confidential information in a company is millions worth of rupees. And to say the least, all the files get stored in laptops or PCs. But spyware, virus, Trojan horse ( called malware) can cause havoc in your laptop. Either they steal confidential data or delete valuable information. In a similar situation, it is a hard task to retrieve a deleted file from the Trash bin. In this article, we give details on how to remove virus from laptop. We also give you the easy method to search for the best laptop repair expert.
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Are there any signs of a virus in your PC? Read further to know the details.

Warning Signs

Many times, you never even get messages, that the laptop has got infected. But you can notice the warning signs. They are –
A. Your laptop runs very slow
B. While working, you see pop-up messages coming out of nowhere. In fact, you find it hard to get rid of them.
C. In the middle of your work, you get notifications about starting of computer programs never installed in the computer.
D. Did you hear the sound of hard drive every now and then? Then it must be a virus attack.
E. If you experience one or two symptoms at the same time, then it is proof of a virus attack.
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How to Remove the Virus From Laptop

First Step

For the first step, you can enter the safe mode. But how do you do it?
You can switch off the computer and activate it again. The moment, the screen gets live, start pressing the F8 button consistently. You get the Advanced Boot Option Menu. Now, choose the Safe Mode With Networking. Use the Enter button. And, keep the laptop disconnected from the Internet.

Second Step

You can eliminate temporary files
When you are in safe mode as mentioned in the previous topic, take care to delete the temporary files. Use the Disk Cleanup Tool.
Please follow the instructions given below –
A. You can go to Start menu
B. Now search for All programs
C. Did you find the accessories
D. Now search for the system tools?
E. Good! Now check for Disk Cleanup
There is also another way. You can go to the search button in Laptop and type %temp%. This brings to your screen a temporary folder, where you get all the unwanted files. Now delete all the files. There are some you cannot delete. So in this occasion, you can press the skip button.

Scan Process

When you delete the files, the scanning process gets quicker. There are other advantages. Let us imagine a situation, when a virus has come to your laptop. It is designed in such technical terms, that it will start when the computer reboots itself.
There may be unfortunate incident, when the virus has corrupted the entire data in one of the drives. In that case, you cannot open the files. But a computer expert can retrieve the files. The laptop repair cost may get expensive. Yet it is worth the amount spent.

Third Step

The best is Downloading a Virus Scanner. There are two types of anti-virus scanners. They can detect as well delete malware and every type of computer virus. Their names are on-demand and real-time.
The real time scanner does its job of eradicating virus when you are setting right the computer. The latter type, you need to double click manually every time for the process.
Both the scanners, you will find it necessary for eliminating the virus. Do you have no virus scanner installed in the laptop? Then you can reconnect to the internet and then download it. This step comes across as one of the best methods for how to remove virus from laptop.

How To Remove Virus From Laptop: Fourth Step

Tech geeks advise on use of the on-demand tool first and then the real time scanner. Out of the two, one can identify the virus and delete it. For success, you need to run both the programs.
There are times, you need to manually remove a virus. Are you experienced in handling laptop programs? If so, then we need not tell you. You know the way to delete, reinstall system and program files. In case of doubts, feel free to contact a laptop repair expert in the best way possible.

Recover/Reinstall Damaged Files/Software

Did the virus affect any of the existing programs? Then you may have to delete them and reinstall the damaged files or programs. Now do you know the reason for back-ups? It is mandatory in a office environment, you use them regularly.


Techgeeks always advice on keep the antivirus software up-to-date. The reason, new viruses get created all the time. You may have bought the pack before a month, but it may need a update. Check out some websites – they update and install quickly. Yes, some also offer for easy protection. Having the best defence programme is considered as one of the important techniques in the quest for how to remove virus from laptop.


In a office, it is mandatory to take back-up of your files. Now store on external hard drives. By this method, you can prevent leakage of confidential information. Have you not done till this time? Then it is the best way to start.

How To Remove Virus From Laptop: Prevention Action Is The Best Method

A. You can install the recent software updates for Windows
B. Do not forget to install the antivirus program
C. Take turns to store information (back-up)
D. If you get a pop-up message stating a problem on your computer, do not bite the bait.
E. Do not make the mistake of opening emails from unscrupulous persons or new comers. Open mails that are from people you recognize. Never even try to open a mail with attachment or link.
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Computer/Laptop Service Starts at Just 200 Virus Removal Hardware Installation


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Prevention is the best cure -proverb. It is better to buy a paid version of the best anti-malware or anti-virus. This is necessary so that you can clean the files, disk space gets cleaned., and also the updates get verified. But there are some unfortunate situations. Even the best anti-malware and antivirus prove inefficient. In such cases, it is better to hire the services of a laptop expert. But how do you do it? By placing a request in the best home maintenance company of your city. Kindly check if they offer laptop repair maintenance and service. If so, place a request at your own convenience. On the concerned day and time, the pro will come and fix the problem.
Have we missed any point on how to remove virus from laptop? If so, feel free to drop a comment in the Reviews section.
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