Simple ways to protect your skin from Holi Colors

Who doesn’t love to play Holi? Who doesn’t love to descend in the magic of colors? Holi is not just another festival for us. It is momentous and in simple words, it is happiness. There is a fun and also there is a fear but no would like to miss that joy of getting colored on the day of Holi. It is celebrated across the world and jubilated in every Home. However, today, you need to be more cautious than before as the Holi powder used are prone to skin problems and allergies. To make your Holi safe and sound, we have got few simple ways to protect your skin from Holi colors.

beauty tips for holi

Mustard Oil on Face

Before you step out to play holi, make sure you apply a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil an hour before. Do it on your neck, ears, and arms. This helps to wash colors easily later when you are done with playing holi. After Playing Holi, you need to wash your clothes best you to Hire online Laundry services in Bangalore from Bro4u.


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Protect yourself from the sun

As holi comes in the season of summer, chances are there that your skin may get affected after a continuous exposure to sun and chemical based holi powder. So, it is better to apply a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen on your face and neck. Also as a strict rule, wear something that gives you complete skin coverage to avoid the direct exposure to sun and colors.

Take care of your Hair

During Holi, it becomes important for you to protect your hair as well. So, it is recommended to apply a generous amount of coconut oil on the night before Holi. This forms a protective layer and helps you to prevent color and other dirt getting into your hair and also aids in color to come off without any hassle.

beauty tips for holi

Be safe yet trendy

Do not leave your hair untightened while playing Holi. Compulsorily tie them up into a neat plait to make sure that your hair is not exposed to chemical base colors. If you wish to go trendy then cover your head with a scarf that not only gives maximum coverage to your hair but also keeps you mod and different.

Avoid dehydration of lips

Let Holi color do not take away the beauty from your lips. Apply a moisturizer or a thick layer of gloss to your lips to armor from any harm. Also, it provides enough hydration which is good for you.


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Drink more water

While playing Holi, you will have to strain your body and so please drink enough water before stepping out and also when you are done with the celebration. Your exposure to chemicals can dehydrate your skin. Just avoid it by drinking lot of water

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If you observe any skin rashes or any kind of allergy then use calamine lotion and moisturize it well to bring it back in shape. It might take some time but don’t leave it to go dehydrated. While washing your colored hair, make sure that you wet it first in plain water followed by mild shampooing and conditioning. Go for a hair spa or you may use few home-made things to keep your hair healthy.

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