Guide To Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

While we are living in the concrete jungles, what we miss the most is the outdoors. So, it is very important to bring them indoors with a small twist and turns. It is not just bringing the plants and greenery to inside. You can also use certain kinds of furniture to get that feeling. Urban Ladder provides several such interiors and exterior designs and furniture to get that green feel right into our living space. Here are a few tips to make your indoor look aesthetically beautiful just like the outdoors.


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Bring greenery inside

Bringing the greenery inside is not a difficult task. You can start off with planting potted plants and fresh flowers. These fresh accents can be done everywhere including the bathroom. Make it look and feel like a spa. There are a few animals that live in such environment and are perfect for this purpose.

Use natural materials

Another strategy is to use materials such as stone or wood. These are generally found outdoors. This should be made a part of the home’s interior decor. They should stand out and an example would be a stone washbasin in the bathroom or a stone spa.

Natural lights

It’s important to have a bright home with lots of sunlight. This is important if you want it to feel fresh and cheerful. If you have so many plants, it is important to have a natural light and you can also decorate the plants with this light. Large windows are fine, but skylight and open places are very important in such cases.

Use rattan furniture

The rattan furniture is always associated with the outdoors. If you use it to decorate the inside of your house you’ll be able to create a cozy little corner. Such a place will take you to the nostalgic times and also the beautiful getaways in the middle of nature.


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Build a tree house

Think out of the box and construct a tree house right in your home. This will work wonders especially if there are kids around. Make sure it is an actual tree and everything connected to the tree is inside. Kids will really enjoy and have lots of fun.

Decorate with fruits and vegetables

You can make a choice by declaring the areas like a dining room with green elements like fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. This can be used as centrepieces or in various other ways. It will be like enjoying a picnic inside while enjoying the beauty outside.

Make use of elements in nature

When you go for a walk and find something interesting, pick it up. This can be a stone, a pinecone, a rock a branch, etc. and always try to bring it home with you and use it to decorate the rooms. Certain things can be added to it and give that feel or twist. For instance, hanging planters or fresh flowers in vases are apt choices.


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Hence, it is very important to make an informed choice when it comes to bringing outdoors indoors. There are several elements in outside which have an interesting twist. It is important to make the right decision with the most beautiful things and make your home feel good.


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